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14 February 2017

New GOES-16 Weather Satellite Sees Monday’s Low Pressure Bomb

I wrote yesterday about the storm that exploded off the coast of the Mid-Atlantic on Monday, and now you can see it develop from GOES-16. This animation was released today of the storm exploding as it moved out to sea. This explosive cyclogenesis produced hurricane force winds in the Atlantic, and winds over 50 mph on the coast from Maryland to Boston.┬áThis view is one of the three water vapour …


We Call This a Bomb

When a weak low-pressure system suddenly intensifies and becomes an intense storm, we call the low “a bomb”, because the storm suddenly explodes. Meteorologists have actually defined “a bomb” as explosive cyclogenesis with a pressure drop of 24 millibars or more in 24 hours. This storm easily made the cut, and the image above is a classic example of one. This low passed over Maryland Sunday afternoon, and brought sunshine …