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22 July 2020

Qingjiang River: an unusual valley-blocking landslide in Hubei Province, China

On 20 July 2020 a 10 million cubic metre landslide occurred in the Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Hubei, China, blocking the Quinjiang River.


15 June 2020

The 15 March 2019 Xiangning landslide in Shanxi Province, China

A new paper (Zhao and Zhao 2020) in the journal Natural Hazards describes the 15 March 2019 Xiangning landslide in Shanxi Province, China, which killed 20 people.


7 October 2019

A successful landslide forecast from Heifangtai, Gansu

On 5 October 2019, a 20,000 cubic metre landslide on the Heifangtei terrace in Gansu, China was successfully forecast based upon the monitoring of movement. 


18 March 2019

Zaoling, Shanxi: a deadly loess landslide on Friday

On 15th March 2019 a loess landslide occurred at Zaoling in Shanxi Province, China killing an estimated 20 people and leaving 16 more injured


1 May 2018

Caijiazhuang village: a cracking-sliding landslide that has killed nine people

Yesterday a landslide in loess at Caijiazhuang in Shanxi Province, China killed nine people. This landslide seems to be similar to the cracking-sliding landslides described in recent research


30 April 2018

A surprising but important discovery on the timing of cracking-sliding failures landslides in China

A new paper (Li et al. 2018) in the journal Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences makes a surprising but important discovery on the timing of “cracking-sliding failure” loess landslides in China


27 September 2017

Heifangtai terrace: spectacular loess flowslides in Gansu Province, China

In a new paper in the journal Engineering Geology, Qi et al. (2017) describe spectacular loess landslides from the Heifangtai terrace in China


17 May 2017

A new video of the giant Kurbu-Tash landslide in Kyrgyzstan

AKI Press has uploaded a new video to Youtube showing the extremely large Kurbu-Tash landslide in Kyrgyzstan, which has destroyed nearly 60 houses


2 May 2017

Ayu in Osh, Kyrgyzstan: a large landslide has killed 24 people, and another large flowslide in Uzgen region

Two large landslides occurred in Kyrgystan this weekend. One, at Ayu in Osh, killed 24 people whilst the other, in Uzgen region, appears to be highly mobile


18 April 2017

The Almaluu-Bulak landslide in Kyrgyzstan: amazing new Google Earth imagery

Fantastic Google Earth imagery is now available of the site of the Almaluu-Bulak landslide in Kyrgyzstan, which was captured so memorably on video last year


27 March 2017

A very large fatal landslide at Nichke-Sai in Uzgen, Kyrgyzstan yesterday

On 26th March a very large landslide occurred at Nichke-Sai in Uzgen, Kyrgyzstan, killing six people. Images suggest this may have been a loess landslide.


1 May 2016

Do not miss this: video of a catastrophic landslide in loess in Kyrgyzstan

An astonishing video has appeared on Youtube showing a video in, I assume, loess in Kyrgyzstan a few days ago. The landslide killed a teenage boy.