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12 July 2021

The cause of the Petobo landslide from the 28 September 2019 Palu-Donggala Indonesia earthquake

A new paper in Landslides explores the cause of the Petobo landslide from the 28 September 2019 Palu-Donggala Indonesia earthquake


4 February 2019

The speed of the Brumadinho tailings dam landslide

The two important videos showing the Brumadinho tailings dam landslide allow some estimates to be made of the speed of the movement.


22 August 2017

The Zuta Village landslide: another example of a high mobility slide

In July the Zuta Village landslide in Hunan Province, China killed nine people. This was another spectacular example of a high mobility landslide


21 November 2012

Amazing liquefaction in Tokyo

A new video from Japan [embedded below] shows liquefaction occurring at a scale and scope that I haven’t seen before in video footage. The video is from Urayasu  town, Chiba Prefecture–an industrial suburb of Tokyo that appears to be sited on made land adjacent to Tokyo Bay. No wonder it sloshes so heavily: made land (fill) is particularly susceptible to liquefaction. We just can’t pack things down the way nature can …


11 March 2011

Liquefaction in an aftershock

I stumbled upon a fascinating video a couple of weeks ago showing what happens to sand volcanoes as seismic waves pass. This would have fit in either my aftershocks or my liquefaction posts from last week, but it’s both stunning and unique so I decided it deserves a post of its own.–8ybjnwk   This New Zealand man is filming sand blows forming from liquefaction of a school yard in …


4 March 2011

Liquefaction in New Zealand

One of the ubiquitous features of the nice flat sedimentary plains where people tend to prefer building cities, suburbs, or at least vast agricultural tracts, is that they generally liquefy when subjected to strong shaking. The results include serious instability of the “solid” ground, flooding, and ejection of silty water in places it would certainly be best not to have water being ejected. Here’s an example from Christchurch Here’s a …