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15 September 2017

Sol 1818-1819: Brushfest

The focus of science planning this morning was an experiment to acquire data on a bedrock target before and after brushing.


30 November 2011

MSL Launch

We got up before dawn, tired but buzzing with anticipation. To get to the VIP viewing area for the launch, we had to drive to a nearby stadium, park, and then show our bus passes to get on one of the dozens of buses waiting to drive to NASA. As the bus filled up, I started to see other faces that I recognized. Scientists involved in the mission, grinning to hide their nerves.


27 November 2011

MSL Launch Videos

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be in the VIP viewing area at Kennedy Space Center to watch Mars Science Laboratory launch to Mars! I’ll put up a proper post about the whole experience, but in the meantime enjoy these videos. The first is the one that I took, the second was taken by my friend Casey Dreier, and finally I’m posting the official NASA video of the launch. I find that the “home video” versions are more exciting because you get to hear the crowd’s reaction.


23 November 2011

MSL Launch Info

MSL is ready for a launch on Saturday, and the forecast is looking good! In preparation for the launch there is a bunch of great information about the mission available online.


Curiosity as Art

This morning I heard a bunch of really interesting status updates from all of the instruments but I can’t tell you about them. Instead, here are some artist’s renditions of MSL, courtesy of the folks at Unmanned Spaceflight.