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12 November 2018

A dangerous, valley-blocking landslide in Jomda County, Tibet

On the Tibet / Sichuan border a very large landslide has occurred in Jomda County, blocking the Jinsha River. A very large lake has formed, with a volume of 469 million cubic metres. Overtopping is expected to occur today.


23 October 2018

Jomda County: a large, valley blocking landslide in Tibet on 11th October

A large valley blocking landslide occurred at Bolo Township in Jomda County, Tibet on 11th October, causing 20,000 people to be evacuated.


22 October 2018

Yarlung Tsangpo: a large valley blocking landslide in Tibet

Last week a very large landslide occurred on the Yarlung Tsangpo river in Tibet, temporarily blocking the river. The dam has now breached.


9 July 2018

Fagraskógarfjall: a very large landslide in Iceland on Saturday

On Saturday morning, a very large landslide detached from the Fagraskógarfjall massif in Iceland, travelling about 1.5 km over the valley floor. The landslide has blocked an important salmon river


4 April 2018

Two of the more interesting landslides from the Papua New Guinea earthquake

Better satellite images are now becoming available showing the large landslides triggered by the Papua New Guinea earthquake


2 January 2018

Yarlung Tsangpo: an ongoing “quake lake” scare in India (with images from Planet Labs)

The M=6.4 17th November 2017 earthquake in Tibet has triggered multiple landslides on the Yarlung Tsangpo river in Tibet, triggering fears of a catastrophic flood in India


17 September 2017

Landslides from the Kaikoura Earthquake part 3: the Leader 220 landslide

The third part of my series of helicopter images of landslides from the Kaikoura earthquake, featuring the magnificent Leader 220 landslide and dam


16 September 2017

Landslides from the Kaikoura Earthquake part 2: the Hapuku landslide

The largest landslide triggered by the Kaikoura earthquake was the valley-blocking Hapuku landslide, an impressive 2.7 km long rock avalanche


6 March 2017

Righa in Nepal: another landslide associated with a hydropower project

At Righa in Baglung District in Nepal, a valley-blocking landslide over the weekend was apparently triggered by road construction for a hydropower project


2 December 2016

The North Canterbury Landslide Dams website

Canterbury Maps has created the North Canterbury Landslide Dams portal to provide information about valley blocking landslides after the Kaikoura Earthquake


17 November 2016

Hapuku River: a major landslide dam after the earthquake in New Zealand

A very large valley blocking landslide has occurred on the Hapuku River in New Zealand following the Kaikoura earthquake, creating a 150 m high dam


19 August 2016

The Dzongu landslide dam: an update

Whilst at the moment the Dzongu landslide dam in Sikkim appears to be stable, the Indian authorities are starting to assess the long term hazards that it might pose to upstream and downstream communities


15 August 2016

The Dzongu landslide: overtopped but not drained

Water started to overtop the Dzongu landslide dam in Sikkim, India yesterday. To date the flow appears to be stable, with the channel widening rather than incising.


13 August 2016

Dzongu: a worrying valley blocking landslide in Sikkim, India

Reports have emerged of a large valley-blocking landslide on the Kanaka River in Sikkim, northern India. A large lake has already started to form.


5 August 2016

The Jishi Gorge landslide, China: an earthquake-induced landslide that changed civilisation?

In a paper published in Science today, Wu et al (2016) report on the Jishi Gorge landslide in China, which may have been responsible for the creation of the Xia Dynasty as a result of a catastrophic flood on the Yellow River that occurred when it breached.


18 July 2016

Monsoon 2016: Nepal reels under the effects of multiple landslides

As Monsoon 2016 kicks fully into gear, Nepal is being hit by multiple landslides in the upland areas, resulting in extensive damage and loss of life.


14 July 2016

Bhote Kosi, Nepal: serious damage after the failure of a landslide dam in Tibet

The Bhote Kosi valley in Nepal has suffered serious damage after the failure of a landslide dam in Tibet. This is the main route between China and Nepal.


7 June 2016

Review of a paper: dam break risk for the Attabad landslide

In a recent paper, Chen et al (2016) have examined the risks associated with a dam break flood at the Attabad landslide in Pakistan. They conclude that the likelihood of a breach event remains high, and that such an event has the potential to release a very substantial flood.


12 April 2016

The 29th March 2016 Renfrew County landslide near to Ottawa, Canada

On 29th March 2016 the Renfrew County landslide occurred on the banks of the Bonnechere River near to Ottawa. This is a large (10 hectare) landslip.


28 January 2016

Google Earth imagery of the Tbilisi landslide and flood

In June 2015 the Tbilisi landslide and flood disaster killed 19 people in Georgia. Google Earth imagery is now available of the site