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29 March 2022

Mount Talakmau: landslides from the 25 February 2022 Sumatra Earthquake

An earthquake on 25 February 2022 triggered multiple landslides on the flanks of Mount Talakmau in west Sumatra, Indonesia.


6 April 2021

Mount Lewotolok and Adonara island: up to 168 people killed by lahars and debris flows in Indonesia

Two deadly landslides have occurred in Indonesia over the last few days. On the flanks of Mount Lewotolok up to 80 were killed in a lahar, whilst on Andonara island 69 people were killed and 19 are missing in a debris flow.


3 December 2020

High resolution satellite images of the Guinobatan lahar

High resolution satellite images, collected by Planet Labs using the SkySat constellation, showing the impact of the Guinobatan lahar in the Philippines a month ago


19 November 2020

Guinobatan: a major lahar in the Philippines triggered by Super Typhoon Goni

Over the weekend of 31 October and 1 November 2020, Super Typhoon Goni triggered a major lahar from the flanks of Mount Mayon in the Philippines


17 March 2020

The catastrophic lahars from Mount Kelud in 1919

In 1919 a devastating eruption of Mount Kelud in Indonesia triggered massive lahars that killed 5,160 people on the flanks of the volcano


9 October 2017

Lahars: an analysis of their role in losses from volcanic eruptions

A new paper from the University of Bristol (Brown et al. 2017) demonstrates the role that lahars play in causing loss of life in volcanic events


12 January 2017

Volcan, Argentina: massive mudflows cause major disruption

In the last few days heavy rainfall has triggered a number of major landslides that have affected the towns of Volcan and Tumbaya in Argentina


19 April 2016

Drone footage of the Kumamoto earthquake landslides

Drone footage and high quality images are now becoming available of the Kumamoto Earthquake landslides in Japan. In some cases the landslides appear to be remarkable.