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14 January 2019

Weather Satellites are Far More Vital Than You Think

I’ve written a lot here about weather satellites here, and how a decent forecast beyond three days would be impossible without them.  They are indispensable to everyone from forecasters to firefighters to pilots.   While you mainly see GOES (geostationary satellites) images on TV, I just finished a weathercast showing the image above from a satellite in Polar Orbit. I used it to show where the snow fell this weekend, but …


27 October 2017

The Important Weather Satellite You Haven’t Heard Of

The satellite images you see on TV every day are usually from the new GOES-16 which is way up there, at a tenth of the distance to the Moon! But there are other weather satellites you probably don’t know about in polar orbit that are just as important. These satellites have instruments that can measure winds/ temperatures and moisture at many different levels as they fly over the poles, and …


15 July 2017

Meet JPSS-1, NOAA/NASA’s polar orbiting satellite

Meet the NASA/NOAA newest satellite, the JPSS-1. Explore here, online, and then share what you’ve learned with others (part of their mission of a social media social)