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28 November 2022

Casamicciola: drone footage of the deadly landslide at Ischia in Italy

Casamicciola: drone footage of the deadly landslide at Ischia in Italy, which is now known to have killed at least seven people.


22 February 2022

Increased landslide activity after low-magnitude earthquakes

A new study has found increased landslide activity in the months after the low-magnitude 2018 Molise earthquake in Italy


12 October 2021

A large rock slope collapse from Punta dei Ross, Croda Marcora in the Italian Dolomites

A large rock slope collapse from Punta dei Ross, Croda Marcora in the Italian Dolomites


21 May 2021

The Pietrafitta landslide: can traffic vibration cause a landslide to move?

The Pietrafitta landslide: a new paper published in Landslides (Guerriero et al. 2021) shows that traffic vibration can cause a landslide to move under certain circumstances


11 March 2021

The Tavernola landslide: a potential tsunami-inducing failure causing concern in Italy

The Tavernola landslide: in Italy there is concern that failure of a large rock slope could generate a substantial tsunami in Lago d’Iseo


23 February 2021

Camogli, Italy: the unfortunate impact of a landslide in a cemetery

Camogli, Italy: a large coastal landslide on 22 February 2021 has severely damaged a cemetery


10 January 2021

Protecting the rescuers – a disastrous double landslide at Cihanjuang in Indonesia and a lucky escape in Italy

Cihanjuang, Indonesia & Bolzano, Italy: a tragedy in which rescuers were killed by a second landslide and a lucky escape in a rock slope failure on a hotel


19 December 2019

Landslides in Art Part 31: Leonardo da Vinci

A new paper in the journal Landslides (Margottini 2019) suggests that Leonardo da Vinci depicted at least two landslides in his wonderful drawings


25 November 2019

Savona: a landslide-induced bridge collapse in Italy

Yesterday, a landslide struck an elevated section of the A6 motorway on the road between Savona and Turin in Italy, causing the roadway to collapse


20 September 2019

The 1985 Stava tailings dam disaster

The failure of the Stava tailings dam in Trento, Italy in 1985 generated a mudflow that killed 268 people downstream of the facility.


30 July 2019

The Mount Zandila (Valpola) rock avalanche

The 1987 Mount Zandila landslide in northern Italy is probably the most important rock avalanche in Europe in the last 40 years. The 34 million cubic metre slide killed 29 people


4 March 2019

Seemingly dormant geologic fault damaged famous Roman buildings 1,500 years ago

A geologic fault system in central Italy that produced a deadly earthquake in 2016 is also responsible for a fifth-century earthquake that damaged many Roman monuments, including the Colosseum, according to new research. The Mount Vettore fault system, which winds through Italy’s Apennine Mountains, ruptured in the middle of the night on August 24, 2016. The magnitude 6.2 earthquake it generated killed nearly 300 people and destroyed several villages in the surrounding region. The fault ruptured again in October 2016, producing two more earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 6.


28 November 2018

New automated volcano warning system forecasts imminent eruptions

Scientists have developed an automated early warning system for volcanic eruptions, according to a new study. The new system helped government officials warn the public of impending eruptions in Italy and could potentially do the same around the globe, according to the study’s authors. The new research details the new system that monitors volcanic noises and automatically alerts officials if an eruption is imminent. The study’s authors tested this system over a period of eight years on Mount Etna, a volcano on the island of Sicily. Using the new system, the Italian government activated an emergency plan about one hour prior to an eruption for the first time in late 2015.


24 September 2018

For great Italian geology, go to church

There’s so much to see in Naples – so much gelato to eat – but one thing I learned was that if you want to sample the local geology, you could do worse than visit a church.


29 August 2018

Landslides from the 16 August 2018 Mw=5.1 Molise earthquake in southern Italy

Salvatore Martino has kindly provided information about landslides triggered by the 16 August 2018 Mw=5.1 Molise earthquake in southern Italy


24 February 2017

Ponzano di Civitella del Tronto: a highly destructive landslide in Italy

In Italy, a landslide at Ponzano di Civitella del Tronto is moving at a rate of about one metre per day, destroying the houses of about 120 people


6 February 2017

Bova Marina – an interesting retaining wall failure video

On Saturday the landslide induced collapse of a large retaining wall at Bova Marina in Italy was captured on video and posted to Youtube


8 December 2016

Civita di Bagnoregio: the worlds first landslide museum?

In the small historic village of Civita di Bagnoregio is located what may be the worlds first museum dedicated to landslides


4 November 2016

The Nera River landslide triggered by the Norcia earthquake

The Norcia earthquake last weekend triggered the Nera River landslide, a 600,000 cubic metre rock slope failure that blocked the river


Landslides from the Norcia earthquake sequence in Italy

Salvatore Martino has kindly provided an update on landslides triggered by the M=6.5 Norcia earthquake in Italy this weekend