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18 February 2014

My first run with Nearpod

Today was a really special (and exhausting!) day for me.  I spent the day in the classroom of a good friend and colleague, Theresa Lewis-King.  Theresa teaches at AMY Northwest, a middle school in Philadelphia.  Last fall, Theresa wrote a mini-grant and obtained three iPad minis for her classroom.  She knows I use technology with my students, and she was looking for ideas of how to use the iPads in …


29 December 2013

iPads for addressing astronomy misconceptions in scale

Many individuals and even entire schools and school districts are quick to jump on technology bandwagons when a new piece of technology is released.  The excitement and the hype of bringing new technology in to the classroom at time will override the more important questions – will this technology improve student learning?  Or could the technology actually hurt student learning? Apple products are commonly found in schools, especially the K-12 …


1 November 2011

Solar System Learn-to-Read App

A while back, I was contacted by a company that makes iPad apps to teach kids to read and also teaches them about science. They were interested in doing a picture book about the solar system and wanted me to write the minimal text. I agreed and we wrangled with conveying some key information about the solar system using only a few hundred words. It’s surprisingly hard, but I think we managed to do pretty well.