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8 July 2022

Shifting the blame for the deadly landslide at Tupul in India

The Tupul landslide occurred at the site of a major construction project involving slope excavation, but officials are blaming poor farming methods for the failure


5 July 2022

The Tupul landslide: understanding the site

The Tupul landslide: archive Google Earth images provide interesting clues as to the causes of the tragedy that killed at least 47 people.


4 July 2022

Tupul: a landslide disaster in Manipur, India

On 30 June 2022 a very large landslide occurred at Tupul in Noney district of Manipur in Northern India, killing at least 42 people.


16 May 2022

Assam: damaging landslides at the start of the monsoon

Damaging landslides have occurred as a result of heavy rainfall in Assam state in the northeast of India over the weekend.


8 March 2022

Raini: the forgotten victims of the Chamoli disaster

A year on from the Chamoli disaster in India, the population of the village of Raini continue to face severe impacts from landslides initiated by the debris flow


24 January 2022

Thelkoloi: another tailings failure, this time in India

Thelkoloi: another tailings failure, this time in India On Thursday 20 January 2022 another tailings failure occurred, this time at Thelkoloi in Odisha, India.  The failure has been reported in some of the media in India, but not more widely.  For example, the Hindustan Times reports that the failure was in a slurry pond from the JSW Bhushan Power and Steel Limited works in Sambalpur district.  It suggests that a …


20 January 2022

A large rock slab topple from India

CCTV footage has been posted online of an unusual and interesting large rock slab topple from Jammu and Kashmir in India


19 November 2021

The 29 October 2021 Kameng River rock and ice avalanche in India

Images from Planet indicate that the 29 October 2021 Kameng Valley event was a probably a rock and ice avalanche that originated on a steep slope high in the mountains.


18 November 2021

Landslides and the road network in Uttarakhand, India

An Indian government official claimed yesterday that the Char Dham highway project in India is not responsible for causing landslides. This is demonstrably incorrect.


1 November 2021

A large landslide or glacial lake outburst in the headwaters of the Kameng River in Northern India?

The Discovering Arunachal blog reports that the Kameng River in N. India suffered a major sediment event on 29 October. The cause is unclear, but Planet Labs images confirm that a major erosion and deposition event occurred.


20 October 2021

A very late sting in the tail of the South Asian monsoon

Very unusual late monsoon rainfall has had devastating impacts on South Asia in the last few days, with many deaths from landslides and floods in both India and Nepal. Parts of Nepal recorded over 500 mm of rainfall in 48 hours.


18 October 2021

Multiple fatal landslides in Kerala, India

Heavy rainfall in Kerala, SW India, since Friday has triggered landslides and floods that have killed at least 26 people.


4 October 2021

The seismic signals of the Chamoli landslide and debris flow

An interesting paper has just been published in the journal Science, (Cook et al. 2021), which looks at the seismic signals generated by the Chamoli rockslide and debris flow. It concludes that the event was fully detectable by seismic instruments located at up to 100 km from the event.


7 September 2021

Jeori: a large highway landslide in Shimla district, Himachal Pradesh

A large landslide occurred on National Highway 5 in at Jeori in Shimla district, Himachal Pradesh on 6 September 2021. This event was captured in at least four different videos.


13 August 2021

Nalda: a valley-blocking landslide in Himachal Pradesh, India

Nalda: a valley-blocking landslide in Himachal Pradesh, India This morning (Friday 13 August 2021) a major landslide occurred near to the village of Nalda, in Lahaul and Spiti district in Himachal Pradesh, northern India, blocking the Chenab River.  The landslide event itself was captured in a video that has been posted to Youtube: [embed_video width=”800″ height=”600″][/embed_video] . The landslide has left a large barrier across the Chenab River close to …


5 August 2021

Understanding the recent monsoon landslides in Maharashtra, India

Understanding the recent monsoon landslides in Maharashtra, India, which killed at least 100 people in July 2021.


30 July 2021

Tapovan Vishnugad – another landslide at the hydroelectric scheme in northern India

Tapovan Vishnugad – another landslide at the hydroelectric scheme that was devastated by the Cahmoli debris flow in northern India


27 July 2021

The disastrous Taliye village landslide in Maharashtra, India

The disastrous 22 July 2021 Taliye village landslide in Maharashtra, India, which is believed to have killed 84 people.


26 July 2021

The rockslide at Batseri in India

There are several videos of the rockslide that destroyed the bridge at Batseri in Himachal Pradesh in India yesterday


19 July 2021

Mumbai: at least 29 fatalities in monsoon landslides

In the last 24 hours at least 29 people have been killed by landslides triggered by intense monsoon rainfall in Mumbai, India