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7 November 2017

Scientists may have solved mystery of rapidly rising Indian Ocean sea level

Sea levels around the world have risen by 1.7 millimeters (0.07 inches) on average each year since 1880, but in recent years, scientists have observed a rapid increase in sea level in the north Indian Ocean. Tide gauge records and other datasets reveal the pace of sea level rise in the north Indian Ocean has accelerated to 3.1 millimeters (0.12 inches) per year within the last three decades. The accelerating sea level rise has confounded scientists but new research claims weakening of South Asian monsoons may be to blame.


4 September 2017

Shimla: a landslide caught on video from multiple angles

On Saturday afternoon a landslide that destroyed several vehicles at Dhalli in Shimla, N. India was caught on video from multiple angles


18 August 2017

A tale of two major slides: understanding the Regent and Kotrupi / Kotropi landslides

Further details are now emerging about the Kotropi and Regent landslides, which have killed hundreds of people in India and Sierra Leone this week


13 August 2017

Kotrupi: a landslide in northern India kills at least 46 people

On 13th August 2017 at least 46 people were killed when two buses were struck by a landslide at Kotrupi in Himachal Pradesh in Northern India


25 July 2017

Pandoh: two good new landslide videos from Himachal Pradesh in India

Two good new landslide videos have been posted on Youtube: a topple from Pandoh and a wedge failure from elsewhere in Himachal Pradesh in India


10 July 2017

Spectacular landslide videos from Arunachal Pradesh in India

As the monsoon intensifies across Asia, a series of landslide videos have been published from Arunachal Pradesh in India and from China


22 June 2017

A recent rock avalanche in the Yumthang Valley in Sikkim, northern India

Friends from NGU, NGI, IIT Kharagpur and WIHG have discovered a recent large rock avalanche in the Yumthang valley of Sikkim in northern India


30 April 2017

Highway 101, Vietnam, Turkey and others: a selection of new landslide videos

In the last couple of weeks a set of really good landslide videos has appeared on Youtube, including an excellent film of a rockslide on Highway 101


13 April 2017

Shimla and Idaho: two new, and very different, landslide videos

Two new landslide videos have appeared on Youtube; one from Shimla showing a large slide triggered by construction, and the other on a highway in Idaho, USA


9 March 2017

Chamba: an impressive set of landslide videos from Himachal Pradesh

Three new videos have been posted on Youtube that show a dramatic landslide at Chamba in Himachal Pradesh, India, which apparently occurred on Monday


30 December 2016

Jharkhand and Hpakant: two deadly mine waste landslides in the last two days

Jharkhand in India and Hpakant in Burma (Myanmar): two mine waste landslides in the last two days that have caused multiple fatalities


2 September 2016

Uttarkhand and Siliguri: two new landslide videos from India

Two new landslide videos from India have been posted this week on Youtube – one showing a large rockslide in Uttarakhand and the other a lucky escape from Siliguri


19 August 2016

The Dzongu landslide dam: an update

Whilst at the moment the Dzongu landslide dam in Sikkim appears to be stable, the Indian authorities are starting to assess the long term hazards that it might pose to upstream and downstream communities


15 August 2016

The Dzongu landslide: overtopped but not drained

Water started to overtop the Dzongu landslide dam in Sikkim, India yesterday. To date the flow appears to be stable, with the channel widening rather than incising.


13 August 2016

Dzongu: a worrying valley blocking landslide in Sikkim, India

Reports have emerged of a large valley-blocking landslide on the Kanaka River in Sikkim, northern India. A large lake has already started to form.


10 July 2016

Nagasaki, Uttarakhand and Pakistan: three new landslide videos

Three good new landslide videos are available on Youtube, shot in Nagasaki (Japan), Uttarakhand (India) and in the mountains of Pakistan


7 April 2016

Five new landslide videos – two dashcam films from China, two rockfall films and a video from GNS about earthquake triggered failures

This post features 5 new landslide videos, including two dashcam videos from China, a terrifying rockfall video from Peru, a toppling failure from India & a feature on the GNS earthquake response


22 March 2016

Multiple landslides in the last few days in northern India and Pakistan

Over the last week, heavy rainfall has triggered multiple landslides in northern India and Pakistan, causing significant loss of life and extensive damage.


14 March 2016

Managing urban landslides

On the last day of my visit to Kalimpong, Praful Rao took me to Dumsi Pakha, a poor hillside community with problems in managing urban landslides


8 March 2016

Kalimpong Day 4 part 1: An interesting and deadly roadside landslide

Kalimpong Day 4: an interesting and hard to manage rockslide that killed two people on State High 31A in India in January 2016