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11 October 2016

Where The Rain Fell, and Where It’s Not for Many Weeks

The Deep South is in the midst of a brutal drought, with levels reaching severe to exceptional over parts of Georgia and Alabama, while not far away in Eastern Georgia, extending all the way to the Delmarva Peninsula, the exact opposite is the case. Look at the rainfall total maps below and you can see just how much rain has fallen from Matthew. In the Delmarva area, the week before …


7 October 2016

What People Who Do Not Evacuate from A Hurricane Do Not Know

Have you been in a hurricane? I mean have you been in the eye-wall right by the eye, or in the actual eye of the storm?? Was it a category three or higher? Be honest with yourself, and think about that. If the answer is no, not really, then you have NOT been in a hurricane. I think this is why many people do not evacuate; they just do not …


5 October 2016

Did The Euro Model Just Pull Another Forecast Coup?

Matthew is gaining strength again tonight, andĀ Florida and South Carolina are still going to see a significant (perhaps severe) storm. If the eye stays out to sea, it will not be as bad as it could be, but if it crosses just inland, much greater damage and a major storm surge is likely. Still a rather large disagreement between the higher res. regional models and the global models today. The …


4 October 2016

Matthew Becomes a Threat to the Southeast U.S.

We should know a lot more tomorrow about the track of Matthew. The odds are it will turn and pass near to the coast of Florida, and perhaps all the way up to the Outer Banks. There is a good chance that it will be close enough to bring very heavy rains from Florida to the Carolinas, and even as far north as the Delmarva area. The track on Matthew …