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23 January 2023

Announcing three new AGU Honors and Honors Program Innovations

As we enter the new year, I’m excited to share several updates and highlight some new AGU Honors we’ll award this year. First, the 2023 Honors nomination cycle is now open! From now until 12 April, the Earth and space sciences community has the opportunity to nominate individuals, and in some cases teams, for an AGU Honor. We encourage you to recognize colleagues, mentors, postdocs, students and others for their …


22 January 2021

Updates to AGU Honors & Recognition Program

The AGU Honors & Recognition Committee has made some updates to the program that will better showcase the depth and breadth of our community’s achievements around the world. We are also grateful to our community for their commitment to make our Honors program as diverse and inclusive as possible.


22 May 2014

Celebrating the Power of Science

Have you ever stopped to think about what AGU’s more than 62,000 members represent? With a crowd that large, there’s bound to be some variety, right? We have members hailing from 142 countries around the world. They represent the public and private sectors, conduct research at academic institutions and government agencies, and work for Fortune 500 companies and local NGOs. They’re high school science teachers, advisors to public policymakers, and …