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4 September 2016

The Ocean is Roaring in Ocean City, Maryland

Below is a short live remote I did this morning from near the inlet in Ocean City. Depending on the track and strength of Hermine, conditions may still get worse from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, all the way to Long Island tonight ,and Labor Day. If we are lucky, the storm will stay far enough offshore to keep the coastal flooding to moderate. Stalled out storms are not handled …


1 September 2016

Look at The Cone- NOT the line Inside It

Hurricane Warnings are now posted for Florida, and concern is growing that a tropical storm will be moving up the East Coast beaches on Labor Day Weekend. I’ve been looking at different model runs tonight and there is actually a growing spread instead of agreement. NOAA runs a 12km model called the NAM (WRF core for geeks reading this) but they also run the model at a lower resolution a …