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1 October 2020

Remote student collaboration via Google Jamboard

Check out Google Jamboard for connection, creation, and collaboration among students in remote synchronous classrooms – useful for icebreakers, laboratory exercises, and more


17 February 2016

Google Alerts – what they are, why you might want one

One resource your students may not be aware of to help them stay on top of current scientific events… Google Alerts


17 December 2013

Scientists are…

Google search “scientists are…” and get upset. Scientists need a better rep. via @Slate — NRDC Science (@NRDCscience) December 6, 2013 On December 4, Phil Plait, the author of Slate Magazine’s Bad Astronomy blog, published a post that really sent some seismic waves through the science world.  Someone alerted him that if you type “scientists are” in a Google search box, Google with automatically suggest the following words to …


29 June 2013

Google Street View Trekker in Hawaii

I am extremely excited about this news. Hawaii is a significant geologic location, and one that I know I’ll never get my students to. Fortunately, Google is taking my students for me! Who knew that by strapping a camera-equipped backpack…


16 April 2011

Dreaming of Easy-to-Use Data

Some thoughts on how difficult it is to use multiple different types of data in planetary science, how easy it could be, and two free programs that are important first steps in making easy-to-use data a reality.