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10 August 2016

One Minute Satellite Imagery from GOES 14

The GOES 14 is sending back one minute imagery again. This satellite is a spare but is the only U.S. weather satellite that can send back images once a minute. GOES-R launching in November will be able to send back an image every 30 seconds, at higher resolution, with lightning data as well. This is a sneak peak at the future that will arrive soon!


23 February 2016

Stunning One Minute Rapid-Scan GOES 14 Images

This is the current image from the GOES-14 satellite that is in storage. It is turned on for high impact weather events because it can send one minute images. The tornado outbreak expected on the Gulf Coast today certainly ranks as a high impact event, and we should have this data through the evening. When GOES R launches we will see ¬†even higher resolution images at 30 second intervals along …


6 June 2013

GOES 14 Satellite Rapid Scan Imagery of Tropical Storm Andrea Today.

The GOES R satellite will be able to do ONE minute rapid scans in two different locations when it is launched in two years! (If budget cuts don’t delay it, we will finally catch up to Europe with satellite technology.) Here is a wider shot (Visible channel) of 15 min images. Hat tip to Metr. Brad Panovich for this one: and an IR/VIS POES Image below: