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23 September 2022

The 17 September 2022 rock avalanche at Lamplugh Glacier in Alaska

On 17 September 2022 a large rock avalanche developed from the collapse of a rock slope at Lamplugh Glacier in Alaska


22 March 2022

Scud Glacier: images of the 2020 rock avalanche in British Columbia

Scud Glacier: aerial images of the 2020 rock avalanche in British Columbia in Canada.


1 November 2021

A large landslide or glacial lake outburst in the headwaters of the Kameng River in Northern India?

The Discovering Arunachal blog reports that the Kameng River in N. India suffered a major sediment event on 29 October. The cause is unclear, but Planet Labs images confirm that a major erosion and deposition event occurred.


22 April 2021

Big change on a big landscape

The Alsek, a world-class rafting river that flows into the Gulf of Alaska from its headwaters in Canada, may soon abandon the lower part of its drainage for a steeper one 15 miles away. The re-route will be due to the extreme melt of Grand Plateau Glacier, which acts like a cork that prevents the Alsek from following a faster path to the sea.


7 February 2021

Chamoli: the catastrophic flood was caused by a landslide

Chamoli: what do we know about the catastrophic flood that occurred in Uttarakhand in northern India this morning?


25 January 2021

Increasing occurrence of large glacier-related landslides in high mountain areas

Large glacier-related landslides in high mountain areas are increasing with time, according to a new study (Liu et al. 2021)


24 December 2020

Top AGU news and views from 2020

As we look back on 2020, we wanted to share some of the top news and views coming out of AGU.


16 December 2020

Bute Inlet: a very long runout proglacial landslide in Canada

A massive rockslope failure and 13 km long debris flow near to Bute Inlet in British Columbia, Canada in late November


15 December 2020

Highlights from Monday 14 December at #AGU20

The first day of the last week of #AGU20 continued with full programming, two innovative sessions, two plenaries and some great events – all available on demand through 15 February for attendees.


12 December 2020

Weekend viewing from #AGU20

We wrapped up the second week of #AGU20 on Friday! Be sure to check out these sessions and events on-demand – you can even catch up on the couch this weekend.


19 May 2020

A long run out landslide from Yudi Peak in Alaska

Helicopter company Alpine Air Alaska has posted to Facebook stunning images and a video of a long run out landslide from Yudi Peak in Alaska


25 November 2018

Planet Labs SkySat image of the Yarlung Tsangpo valley-blocking landslide

Planet Labs have captured a high resolution Skysat image of the remains of the valley-blocking Yarlung Tsangpo landslide in Tibet


5 November 2018

Another major glacial debris flow blocked the Yarlung Tsangpo river in Tibet

Following initial analysis by @rajfortyseven, Planet Labs images show that another major glacial landslide blocked the Yarlung Tsangpo river last week


22 October 2018

Yarlung Tsangpo: a large valley blocking landslide in Tibet

Last week a very large landslide occurred on the Yarlung Tsangpo river in Tibet, temporarily blocking the river. The dam has now breached.


2 October 2018

Tracking exploding ice cracks on Himalayan glaciers

In 2017, Evgeny Podolskiy spent more than a week trekking through the Nepalese Himalayas to test the seismic activity of the Trakarding-Trambau Glacier system. In October, the research team and a group of sherpas and porters traveled to an open, debris-free glacier about five kilometers (3.1 miles) above sea level, in full view of Mount Everest.


22 August 2018

High resolution imagery of the Pashgor debris flow in Afghanistan

Planet Labs have collected high resolution satellite imagery showing the track and impact of the debris flow that struck the village of Pashgor in Afghanistan in July 2018


16 August 2018

Acceleration of mountain glacier melt could impact Pacific Northwest water supplies

Seasonal snow and ice accumulation cause glaciers in the Cascade Range mountains to grow a little every winter and melt a little every summer. This annual melt provides water for much of the Pacific Northwest, which includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho and parts of Montana. Inhabitants of the region utilize this water for drinking, crop irrigation, generating hydroelectric power and other uses. Glacier melt provides supplementary water when less snowmelt is available, alleviating drought conditions or other impacts of dry periods.


19 July 2018

Ishkoman, Pakistan: a valley blocking glacial debris flow this week (updated with satellite imagery)

Various reports suggest that there was a major glacial debris flow in the Ishkoman Valley in the Gilgit region of northern Pakistan on Tuesday. This appears to have left the river blocked and a lake has developed


19 December 2017

The massive, catastrophic Villa Santa Lucia landslide in Chile: videos and images start to hint at the cause

It is now becoming clear that the Villa Santa Lucia landslide was caused by a massive failure of moraine 8 km upstream of the town


24 March 2017

The Mitchell Creek landslide in British Columbia, Canada

In a paper just published, Clayton et al. (2017) describe the Mitchell Creek landslide, a very large rockslide in Canada triggered by glacial debuttressing