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23 December 2016

Everybody look what’s goin’ down

There’s an important reason why I’m borrowing a lyric for a protest song for a blog post, and that reason is the very real fears that a lot of scientists are dealing with concerning the current political climate. I am writing this post mostly as a resource for my fellow scientists, but also for all those of you out there who understand the value of our work – and can help us.


1 July 2014

Kickstarter – the future of funding geoscience research and education?

Crowdsourcing, the process of seeking assistance for work or funds from a large group of people (typically online), seems to be quite popular these days (note that this blog post will focus specifically on crowdsourcing funds).  From getting funds to film the documentary Bridegroom to translating Moby Dick into Japanese emoji icons (now in the Library of Congress), it is amazing to see the range of ideas and innovations that …