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18 August 2017

Numerical Weather Model Adjusted For Eclipse Forecast

There are a lot of experiments and observations that will be made during the eclipse on Monday, but I just heard of one tonight that is right up my alley! First, I have to explain some things. One of the better high-resolution weather models we use every day is called the HRRR for High-Resolution Rapid Refresh model. This model does an excellent job and has sophisticated physics that runs at …


17 August 2017

A celestial celebration of Earth’s place in the Cosmos, mapped onto Earth

It’s been repeated now a million times, but its grandeur bears another announcement: on August 21, 2017, a long-awaited total solar eclipse will cast the moon’s narrow shadow directly across the United States. The reverse perspective–the vantage that humans have always had, although they haven’t necessarily understood it–is that the sun will be gradually but briefly blocked by the invisible day-time visage of the new moon. Although the eclipse will …


20 December 2010

Solstice Eclipse!

Be afraid mortals, for today the heavens align and the moon turns red as blood!

No, really. Tonight is not only the northern winter solstice, when the northern nights are longest since we are tilted away from the sun, but there is also a lunar eclipse tonight! I like lunar eclipses a lot, first of all, because they are much more common and long-lived than solar eclipses, but more importantly, the moon turns red.