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13 November 2017

The M=7.3 Halabjah earthquake in Iraq and Iran: potential landslides

The M=7.3 Halabjah earthquake that occurred late yesterday in Iraq has the potential to have triggered large numbers of landslides


8 November 2017

Evidence of catastrophic landsliding from medieval earthquakes in Nepal

A new paper (Stolle et al. 2017) in Quaternary Science Reviews suggests that 3 medieval earthquakes may have induced catastrophic landsliding in Nepal


3 November 2017

Managing the hazards in Franz Josef, New Zealand

A new report analyses options for managing the hazards in Franz Josef in New Zealand. It concludes that: “Do nothing is not an option”


12 October 2017

Exploring Earthquake and Tsunami Hazards Along the Pacific Northwest Coast

Can scientists determine how likely we are to have a tsunami along different parts of the PNW Coast and how big it would be? What types of things affect whether an earthquake is likely to cause a large tsunami? (Or none at all?)


26 September 2017

El Jale, Ixtapaluca: a stunning earthquake triggered landslide video from Mexico

A stunning video has been posted to Youtube showing landslides at El Jale, Ixtapaluca, Mexico City, triggered by the earthquake on 19th September 201


21 September 2017

Landslides from the Kaikoura earthquake part 5 – other valley-blocking slips

In addition to the major landslides already covered, the Kaikoura earthquake triggered many valley-blocking slips, most of which were quite small


20 September 2017

Get Prepared Now

The scenes of violent shaking in dense urban Mexico City from the new Sept 19 earthquake are genuinely horrifying. Buildings twist, collide, crumble, buckle, and collapse before your eyes like some scene out of a movie; trees thrash wildly as boatmen on the Xochimilco Canals struggle for balance on a river being thrown violently from its banks; inside, furniture flies across rooms and ceilings cave in while desperate residents and officeworkers …


19 September 2017

Potential landslides from the M=7.1 earthquake at Raboso, Mexico on 19th September 2017

The M=7.1 earthquake at Raboso on 19th September has the potential to have triggered significant numbers of landslides over a wide area


18 September 2017

Landslides from the Kaikoura Earthquake Part 4: partially failed slopes

The Kaikoura Earthquake left a landscape with many partially failed slopes. Forecasting the behaviour of these slopes is a major challenge


17 September 2017

Landslides from the Kaikoura Earthquake part 3: the Leader 220 landslide

The third part of my series of helicopter images of landslides from the Kaikoura earthquake, featuring the magnificent Leader 220 landslide and dam


16 September 2017

Landslides from the Kaikoura Earthquake part 2: the Hapuku landslide

The largest landslide triggered by the Kaikoura earthquake was the valley-blocking Hapuku landslide, an impressive 2.7 km long rock avalanche


11 August 2017

Planet Labs imagery of landslides triggered by the Jiuzhaigou Earthquake

Planet Labs have very kindly made available before and after imagery of the landslides triggered by the Jiuzhaigou earthquake in China on 8th August 2017


8 August 2017

Jiuzhaigou County: a shallow magnitude 7.0 earthquake in Sichuan Province on 8th August 2017

Early indications suggest that M=7.0 Jiuzhaigou County earthquake in Sichuan Province yesterday should have generated significant landslide activity


26 June 2017

Xinmo landslide: an update

More information and imagery has emerged about the 8 million cubic metre Xinmo landslide in China, which killed over 100 people on Saturday


23 June 2017

The Kaikoura earthquake landslides: an excellent video about the mitigation works on State Highway 1

The Kaikoura earthquake landslides: an excellent video about the enormous mitigation works on State Highway 1 in New Zealand


19 May 2017

New technique provides earthquake risk for major cities worldwide

Scientists have developed snapshots of the likelihood of major earthquakes occurring in megacities around the world using a new statistical approach for estimating earthquake risk. The new technique, called seismic nowcasting, estimates the progress of a defined seismically-active geographic region through its repetitive cycle of major earthquakes.


1 May 2017

Study of historic Chilean quake warns of a future tsunami

The most populated central region of Chile could be vulnerable to large tsunamis generated by a deceptively moderate kind of earthquake that might be overdue, say scientists who have sorted out the source of an earthquake and tsunami that struck the area 287 years ago. The region is the same that trembled from a magnitude 6.9 earthquake on April 24.


25 April 2017

Strong earthquake widely filmed in Chile

A swarm of magnitude ~5-6 earthquakes offshore Chile on April 23 was punctuated two days later by a much larger M6.9 earthquake yesterday evening. While nobody could have specifically predicted the size and timing of this earthquake, it is a terribly unsurprising event, occurring as it did in the midst of this swarm of heightened seismic activity, and in the highly seismically hazardous region of coastal Chile. As has been pointed out …


24 April 2017

The Wellington earthquake landslide problem

A few days ago a newspaper in New Zealand highlighted the potential Wellington earthquake landslide problem. Research is ongoing into this key issue


11 April 2017

Who feels earthquakes?

Earthquakes are felt by people somewhere on the globe just about hourly (see this USGS list of felt earthquakes in just the last 24 hours). Some places are particularly prone to them–think Japan, Indonesia, Chile, Italy, California–while some stable parts of the continents will go generations, or even millennia, without anyone there feeling any quaking of the ground. But even in, say, California, where “felt” earthquakes occur daily, most individuals go months …