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1 July 2020

How to design continents for maximum tides

A new study simulates ocean tides on imaginary Earth-like worlds, revealing the limits of topography’s influence on tidal energy


22 April 2020

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day: A teachable moment

[Editor’s Note: This morning, AGU sent the following email to its members. We wanted to make sure everyone received the information, so we posted it here too.] By: Robin Bell, Board President and Brooks Hanson, Executive Vice President, Science The 50th anniversary of Earth Day this year occurs as humanity is working to control a global pandemic. A solution will depend critically on partnership and cooperation among virologists, epidemiologists, health care …


16 December 2015

Problematic asteroids could be pushed off course by gentle thrusts

When faced with the threat of large Earth-bound asteroids, some have suggested deflecting the rocky bodies by striking them with large objects. Others prefer to nuke them. But there is a less violent approach…


12 November 2015

Rise of GeoHealth

I think many of you know that I started my professional career in healthcare as a nurse. During the five years I spent doing direct patient care, I witnessed many examples of how environmental exposures to toxic materials could contribute to poor health. That’s why I was so pleased to be invited to participate in a congressional briefing hosted by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) titled “Linking Earth Sciences and …


5 August 2015

EPIC Image of the Earth and Moon

In case you have not seen it… this has to be one of the most epic images of the Earth and Moon ever. It almost looks photo-shopped but it’s not. From the Deep Space Climate Observatory at the Lagrange 1 point a million miles from Earth. Below is an animated image:


15 November 2011

Earth at Night and Spirit Rover Time Lapse

Over the last couple of days, I’ve seen two awesome time-lapse videos making the rounds on the internets. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:


9 November 2011

Carl Sagan Day

Today is Carl Sagan’s birthday! Here, have some Pale Blue Dot: