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24 February 2020

Looking for Loopholes and Getting Lost On Mount Stupid!

When the famous 1930’s comedian W. C. Fields was dying in a hospital, a friend came to visit him. She was shocked to see the notorious atheist reading a Bible as she walked in. “What are you doing with that?” she asked. W. C. Fields replied “Looking for loopholes!”. This describes a whole group of people on social media whose worldview will not allow that every major scientific body on …


11 October 2015

Learn This, and Become Immune from Cults and Conspiracy Theories

So, in just one (two-part) blog post, I propose to keep you from falling into a crazy cult, or posting one of those crazy videos on YouTube about chemtrails, or the Moon landing hoax. Beware though, if you think what I’m saying is silly, then you’re at high risk already.  It’s more than just the politicians in Alaska, who tell people with a straight face, that climate change is a …