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29 August 2019

North Cascade Glacier Climate Project 2019, 36th Annual Assessment

 The summer of 2019 found the North Cascade Glacier Climate Project in the field for the 36th consecutive summer monitoring the response of North Cascade glaciers to climate change.  This long term monitoring program was initiated partly in response to a challenge in 1983 from Stephen Schneider to begin monitoring glacier systems before and as climate change became a dominant variable in their behavior. The field team was comprised …


24 May 2012

Deming Glacier Terminus Retreat

The reduction in width and crevassing in the Deming Glacier Icefall indicates a reduced flow into the terminus reach of the Deming Glacier. This post examines the retreat of the Deming Glacier from 1984-2010. The glacier has retreated significantly as have all 47 glaciers we observe in the field. The retreat parallels that of other Mount Baker glaciers, Boulder Glacier and Easton Glacier (Pelto,2006). Each year since 1990 we have …


21 May 2012

Deming Glacier Icefall Decline

This is the first of two posts focusing on Deming Glacier and will focus on the Deming Glacier Icefall, the next on the Deming Glacier terminus. The glacier drains from the southwest side of the summit of Mount Baker a stratovolcano in the North Cascades of Washington, with a massive icefall feeding the lower valley terminus reach of the glacier.The icefall begins at 2200 meters and descends to 1600 meters. …