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9 September 2022

Using social media to collect data on landslides in near real-time

Using social media to collect data on landslides in near real-time: new research (Pennington et al. 2022) uses AI to map global landslides


11 October 2021

An updated landslide inventory map for Attica Region in Greece

A new web GIS platform recording the location and detailed of landslides has been recently constructed for the Attica region in Greece


26 January 2021

Losses from landslides in Turkey

A new study (Görüm & Fidan 2021) on human losses from landslides in Turkey over a 90 year period. Landslides are the second-most deadly hazard after earthquakes


28 July 2020

Mapping landslides in Nepal

In the summer of 2019 the National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC), launched a new disaster management portal ( to provide high quality spatial data. This allows landslide accidents in Nepal to be mapped in near real time.


24 July 2020

The deadly start to the monsoon season in Nepal

The first few weeks of the SW monsoon in Nepal has seen large numbers of landslides. By 20 July the number of fatal landslides had already exceeded the average annual total for the last 15 years.


14 May 2020

The 2019 fatal landslide dataset

I have made the 2019 fatal landslide dataset available as a Google Sheet for the community to use, and welcome any corrections or additions


13 May 2020

A map of 2019 fatal landslides

I have now been able to generate the global map of 2019 fatal landslides. This shows an unusual cluster of landslides in East Africa.


25 March 2020

Fatal landslides in 2019

In 2019 I recorded a total 463 non-seismic fatal landslides, causing 3270 deaths, plus a further 27 fatal landslides triggered by earthquakes, making 2019 the third worst on record.


25 February 2020

Spatial and temporal patterns of landslide losses in Colombia

Spatial and temporal patterns of landslide losses in Colombia Back in 2012 I posted about the levels of landslide losses in Colombia, which is one of the most landslide prone countries, based on my fatal landslide database.  I noted that levels of loss are high, especially in the western side of the country, and that Colombia needs to be a priority country if we are to reduce loss worldwide. It …


5 February 2020

The geographical spread of fatal landslides

Analysis of the global geographical spread of landslides that cause fatalities demonstrates that the greatest losses occur in Asia


2 December 2019

Losses from mining-related landslides

Data suggests that the cost of mining-related landslides is increasing rapidly, with almost 3000 deaths in the period between 2014 and 2018.


4 September 2019

A global database of giant landslides on volcanic islands

A global database of giant landslides on volcanic islands In a paper just published in the journal Landslides, Blahůt et al. (2019) describe the compilation of a new global database of giant landslides on volcanic islands.  This database is hosted on the website of the Institute of Rock Structure & Mechanics. The authors note that “the records can be downloaded as a spreadsheet or as a kml file for interrogation …


6 August 2019

July 2019: a record-breaking landslide month for fatal landslides

In July 2019 I recorded the highest monthly number of fatal landslides since I started to collect the data in 2012. In total, I recorded 100 fatal landslides


17 July 2019

The start of the 2019 South Asia monsoon

The 2019 summer monsoon in South Asia has now fully developed. Heavy rainfall has generated multiple landslides in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh


18 June 2019

The Global Fatal Landslide Database: full dataset now online

We have now posted the full Global Fatal Landslide Database online. This new version adds a further year of data, covering 2004 to 2017 inclusive.


14 March 2019

Losses from landslides in South Korea

A new paper in Engineering Geology documents loss inducing landslides in South Korea from 1970 to 2018, revealing that 1728 people have lost their lives.


28 August 2018

Mapping global landslides

As part of our work on mapping the distribution of global landslides, Melanie Froude has set up an online GIS tool to visualise the data


24 August 2018

Global fatal landslide occurrence from 2004 to 2016

Melanie Froude and I have just published in NHESS a new analysis of global fatal landslide occurrence from 2004 to 2016 inclusive. It shows that losses from landslides caused by humans are increasing with time


8 April 2018

Fatal landslides in 2017

A first analysis of fatal landslides, and the resultant deaths, in 2017. In terms of the number of events, 2017 was the third worst year since I started collecting data in late 2002. In total, 453 different landslides killed 4,164 people.


27 March 2018

You can help compile the NASA landslide catalogue

NASA has now introduced a tool called Landslide Reporter that allows users to upload data to the NASA landslide catalogue