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17 December 2018

Sol 2163: We have sample!

At the end of last week, the team made the call to drill the rock ‘Rock Hall,’ and Curiosity had no problems drilling the target. The science team had been worried that this rock type, red Jura, might be particularly hard based on the observation that it commonly caps the highs on Vera Rubin Ridge.


16 December 2018

Sols 2160-2162: Go for Drill on the red Jura!

Today’s plan will centre around the drilling of what will hopefully be our 19th drill sample for analysis on Mars!


12 December 2018

Sols 2258-2259: Is THIS the red Jura we are looking for?

May the (drill) force be with us!


10 December 2018

Sol 2257: Makin’ the Most of It

Even on Mars, where every second of Curiosity’s sol is planned, things don’t always go quite as expected. This morning we learned that Curiosity didn’t complete her planned drive yesterday and instead stopped at the mid-drive point.


9 December 2018

Sol 2256: Hunt for red Jura continues…

After the science block, Curiosity will drive towards Region C, shown as the bright exposed bedrock in the mid-field of the Navcam image above.


8 December 2018

Sol 2254-2255: Thinking on Our Wheels

This Navcam image shows the outcrop of red Jura rock that the rover will image during the weekend drive. Obtaining higher resolution images of this exposure will help the team determine if it could be drilled next week.


5 December 2018

Sol 2252-2253: The Hunt for Red Jura

Even though they looked promising from a few meters away, this morning’s workspace images showed us that the red Jura rocks we had hoped to drill are too fractured to drill safely.


3 December 2018

Sol 2250-2251: Grey today, red tomorrow!

It is just a few sols since we drilled, yet sand has drifted in and parts of the drill fines have blown away. We were once more reminded, just how active Mars is!


2 December 2018

Sols 2247-2249: What a Week on Mars

And what a week it has been. InSight’s successful landing is surely the biggest news of the week. We now have a new robotic Martian ready to help unlock more clues about the origins, history, and evolution of Mars.


27 November 2018

Sol 2245-2246: Hunting shiny things!

Curiosity woke up to Mr Rogers ‘Please would you be my neighbour’ this morning to welcome InSight, and then got very busy at the Highfield drill site.


25 November 2018

Sols 2243-2244: Curiosity has a minor post-holiday hiccup, but is happy and healthy

Curiosity was happy and healthy after the Thanksgiving holiday, but experienced a minor post-holiday hiccup during a test of delivering sample portions to the workspace. The rover’s robotic arm tripped a safety limit such that the activity did not quite go to completion.


21 November 2018

Sol 2240-2242: Anticipating InSight’s Arrival

Today Curiosity is preparing for the imminent arrival of a new visitor to Mars, just as many of us are preparing for the out-of-town visitors who’ll be descending into our homes over the Thanksgiving holiday.


20 November 2018

Sol 2236-2239: No turkey, but many side dishes

Curiosity is planning a smorgasbord of science over the next few days as it awaits results from digesting the ‘Highfield’ drill target material.


16 November 2018

Sol 2233-2235: Monitoring Dynamic Modern Mars

It’s the windy season on Mars, and Curiosity’s activities this weekend include taking oodles of images at different times throughout the day to catch how the wind moves sand and dust around.


13 November 2018

Sol 2231-32: SAM goes to Highfield

Today we planned to deliver a sample of the ground up rock from our Highfield drill hole to the SAM instrument. The rover will open one of its SAM inlet covers and the arm will be moved over to the top of it…


11 November 2018

Sols 2229-2230: Preparing for more SAMple!

Following a successful weekend of science activities at the ‘Highfield’ drill site, today we’re planning Sols 2229-2230. We’re eagerly awaiting data from CheMin, which will tell us all about the mineralogy of our newest drill hole sample.


10 November 2018

Sols 2226-2228: We came, we science’d, we… still have a lot to do!

The science team will continue to characterize the drilled ‘Highfield’ workspace by using ChemCam LIBS to examine the chemistry of the drill hole, seen in the above RMI image.


8 November 2018

Sol 2225: Science Galore at the Eighteenth Hole

Tosol (Martian for “today”) we received confirmation that Curiosity’s drill yestersol was successful, as shown in this Navcam image of the ‘Highfield’ target – our eighteenth drill hole in the martian surface!


7 November 2018

Sol 2224: Go for Drilling at Highfield!

Today was a good day on Mars. The science and engineering teams are making preparations to drill a patch of grey bedrock named ‘Highfield’, which will be our latest attempt to characterize this unique rock unit on Vera Rubin Ridge.


Sol 2223: Optimism for "Highfield"

On Sol 2222, Curiosity drove ~10 m towards the ‘Lake Orcadie’ location, in the hopes that we would be able to drill the gray Jura member here.