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20 March 2018

Sol 1999: Party like it’s (Sol) 1999

Curiosity is but 1 sol away from a major mission milestone, but work always comes before celebrations.


18 March 2018

Sol 1998: Checking out the scenery

Today we planned for Sol 1998, which was mostly devoted to remote science observations as we drive along the Vera Rubin Ridge to our next area of interest.


17 March 2018

Sols 1995-1997: Under Durness

The science team gave Curiosity a workout in this plan, using just about every watt of power available to carry out a full slate of activities.


15 March 2018

Sols 1993-1994: Castle in the Sand

As we drive east across the top of ‘Vera Rubin Ridge’ – backwards no less! – we encountered another nice patch of bedrock in Curiosity’s workspace today, motivating multiple observations before we hit the road once again.


12 March 2018

Sol 1991-1992: Taking our time for science

After a successful weekend plan, the Curiosity team decided that for the sol 1991-1992 plan, we would trade a longer-distance drive in favor of some ‘touch and go’ contact science.


Sol 1988-1990: Stop and Smell the Argon

We found out this morning that in the Sol 1986 plan, Curiosity’s ChemCam was marked as ‘sick’ and did not run its sequences. But on the bright side, it’s a repeat of a minor issue that we’ve seen before, and so ChemCam will be back in action in today’s 3-sol plan.


11 March 2018

Sol 1986: Clear Vistas On Mars

Seasons make a big difference for Mars vistas…The atmosphere around the globe is the clearest in southern winter.


7 March 2018

Sol 1985: How Hard is a Rock?

Last week when the first Vera Rubin Ridge drill-hole attempts turned out to be too shallow at ‘Lake Orcadie’, discussion in the team turned to the question of, ‘How hard is that rock?


5 March 2018

Sol 1984: Searching for Softer Pastures

Vera Rubin Ridge is as hard as a rock! After two drilling attempts, Curiosity’s drill was not able to dig into the bedrock sufficiently to collect a sample of rock at this location.


3 March 2018

Sols 1981-1983: Second sample acquisition attempt

ll of the data returned from Curiosity for the second drill target, called ‘Lake Orcadie 2,’ support the decision to attempt to acquire sample at that location using feed-extended drilling.


1 March 2018

Sols 1980: Back to science

Today, Sol 1980, we’re taking a break from drilling activities to continue with our remote science campaign at our current location.


28 February 2018

Sol 1979: Mars Strikes Back

It is an exciting time for the Curiosity team. Although the drill was able to create a hole, Mars stubbornly refused to let the drill reach a depth where a rock sample could be collected and has driven Curiosity away from ‘Lake_Orcadie’.


27 February 2018

Sol 1978: Examining drill tailings

…the new drilling technique was partly successful, producing tailings from up to 1 cm below the surface.


26 February 2018

Sols 1974-1976: Ready, Set…Hold

After a successful drill preload test, Curiosity was primed to drill for the first time in about a year.


24 February 2018

Sol 1973: Go for Drilling!

Curiosity is officially go for drilling the ‘Lake Orcadie’ target! After more than a year’s wait for the drill to come back online, the rover planners and engineers are confident and ready to proceed…


21 February 2018

Sol 1972: Finishing Up Observations of Ogunquit Beach

Tosol (Today) on Mars we planned to finish up our suite of observations on the ‘Ogunquit Beach’ sand sample that was off-loaded from the rover over the weekend.


20 February 2018

Sol 1971: Piling on

Over the weekend, Curiosity successfully off-loaded the sample she acquired previously, the ‘Ogunquit Beach’ sand sample, in preparation for what the science team hopes is acquisition of a new *drilled* rock sample very soon.


18 February 2018

Sol 1968-1970: Dumping Ogunquit Beach sample

We got lots of good news this morning: The DRT brushing of the potential drill target completed successfully, as did SAM’s recent analysis of the Ogunquit Beach sample, and the Curiosity rover is healthy and ready for more!


17 February 2018

Sols 1966-1967: Studying a potential drill target

We had several options today, including mobility and contact science with or without brushing, which made for an interesting day for me…


14 February 2018

Sol 1965: Torrid(on) pace

For the last several months, the science, engineering and operations teams have only met three days a week to plan activities for Curiosity in order to give the engineers more time to focus on bringing the drill back online. This week, we returned to planning five days a week as we continue to traverse east across the ‘Vera Rubin Ridge’…