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18 September 2013

Have You Seen These Pictures Of The Colorado Flooding?

The Atlantic has some amazing images of the flooding from various sources. Click the image below to see them. When you finish looking at those, read what my friend Bob Henson (at the National Center For Atmospheric Research) in Boulder had to say about this flooding. Some of the top atmospheric scientists in the world work at NCAR, and this flood event is sure to be studied like few others. …


13 September 2013

Floods Wreak Havoc Along Colorado Front Range

The flooding continues in Colorado tonight, and model guidance indicates there is more to come through the night. A plume of tropical moisture can be seen clearly on the GOES water vapor images, and this plume is bringing a lot of moisture straight out if the Tropical Pacific into Colorado. Up-slope winds are blowing from the Kansas prairies, where there is a load of warm moist air from the Gulf …