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14 July 2022

San Antonio de Prado: a high mobility landslide in Colombia

On Wednesday 13 July 2022 a major landslide occurred at San Antonio de Prado in Medellin, Colombia, killing at least two people


7 April 2022

The long term history of fatal landslides in Colombia

In a paper just published in the journal Landslides (Garcia-Delgado, Petley et al. 2022), we have examined the history of fatal landslides in Colombia. The results are quite surprising.


9 February 2022

Dosquebradas: at least 14 killed in a landslide in Colombia

Heavy rainfall triggered a large landslide in the town of Dosquebradas in Colombia yesterday, killing at least 16 people, injuring 34 more


8 November 2021

Mallama: a deadly landslide in Colombia on 2 November

On 2 November 2021 a landslide at Mallama in Nariño province, Colombia killed 17 people.


1 May 2020

Dona Juana: a large garbage landslide in Bogota

A large (c.60,000 cubic metre) and spectacular garbage landslide occurred at the Dona Juana landfill site in Bogota, Colombia on 28 April 2020.


25 February 2020

Spatial and temporal patterns of landslide losses in Colombia

Spatial and temporal patterns of landslide losses in Colombia Back in 2012 I posted about the levels of landslide losses in Colombia, which is one of the most landslide prone countries, based on my fatal landslide database.  I noted that levels of loss are high, especially in the western side of the country, and that Colombia needs to be a priority country if we are to reduce loss worldwide. It …


9 September 2019

The impact of the 2017 Mocoa debris flows

A new study of the 2017 Mocoa debris flows in Colombia (Prada-Sarmiento et al. 2019) indicates that the area had suffered 11 previous events in the 70 years prior to the disaster.


10 June 2019

An image of the state of the Hidtroituango powerhouse

Images have been published showing the extreme levels of damage, caused by flooding, to the Hidroituango powerhouse in Colombia.


29 March 2019

The Mocoa Debris Flow: an analysis of the causes and effects

A detailed analysis has been published in the journal Landslides of the 2017 Mocoa Debris Flow in Colombia, which killed 409 people.


18 January 2019

Hidroituango: the complex geology behind the major problems in the mountain

Hidroituango: the complex geology behind the problems in the mountain, with suggestions that the powerhouse cavern might lie at the intersection of 2 faults


18 July 2018

Hidroituango: an update

Problems continue at the Hidroituango dam site in Colombia. Last week a significant seismic event was recorded in the power house cavern, which is thought to have been generated by a further rockfall in the underground excavation.


21 June 2018

Hidroituango: Renewed movement suggests a landslide of up to 200,000 cubic metres may occur soon

A new evacuation of workers has been ordered at the Hidroituango dam site in Colombia in light of a potential landslide of up to 200,000 cubic metres in the next few days. The integrity of the dam is not considered to be threatened.


18 June 2018

Hidroituango: a substantial step towards reducing the immediate risk

Yesterday the operators of the dam at Hidroituango announced that the crest of the structure has reached 415 m. This is a substantial step towards increasing the safety of the site


11 June 2018

Hidroituango – continued small landslides, and proposals for a way forward

Yesterday a small landslide at the Hidroituango dam site led to the evacuation of some of the workers on the site. Operations continue to manage the situation whilst waiting for the end of the rainy season, and an expected fall in the river level


6 June 2018

Hidroituango: the potential for extremely large landslides?

News reports from Colombia say that an American technical report (possibly by USACE) suggests that landslides of up to 40 million cubic metres are possible at Hidroituango. As the report is not publicly available it is hard to know how to interpret these reports


5 June 2018

Hidroituango – an increase in movement rate

Reports in the last few hours suggest that the landslide at the Hidroituango dam site has accelerated, and has now exceeded the 10 mm per hour warning threshold. Meanwhile, three scenarios for failure of the dam have been described by the international advisors.


4 June 2018

Hidroituango – continued slope movements and low volume seepage from the dam

In the last 24 hours there have been further developments at the Hidroituango dam site in Colombia. Monitoring suggests that movements of the slope continue, whilst concerns are being raised about low volume seepage from the dam


3 June 2018

The Hidroituango crisis: new landslides threaten the site

In Colombia the Hidroituango crisis has deepened as new landslides have started to form close to the dam site, as shown by tension cracks in the slopes and cracks in the tunnels. The level of risk has risen, and 25,000 people are now displaced


28 May 2018

Another landslide at the Ituango dam site in Colombia

On Saturday another landslide happened at the Ituango dam site. This was a smaller failure above a slope that has been cut and mitigated. 1500 workers were evacuated from the site, but no-one was injured. The integrity of the dam was not apparently threatened by this event.


23 May 2018

News and satellite imagery of the Hidroituango dam site

Satellite images captured by Planet Labs shows the evolving crisis at the Hidroituango dam site. The dam crest has now reached the spillway level, meaning that control of the water should become possible. 26,000 people remain displaced