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24 March 2023

#AntarcticLog: Two Hundred Fifty 

#AntarcticLog is a series of comics by Karen Romano Young, intended to educate and inspire through sciart. You can find the originals here. Since the National Science Foundation sent me to Antarctica, I’ve written and drawn #AntarcticLog comics about once a week.  The very first shows why I started it — and why I keep going.  People often assume that because there are pictures — comics — that #AntarcticLog is …


17 March 2023

One giant leap: For meteorology & climate communication

As a leading international expert in weather and climate and Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor of Geography and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Georgia, James Marshall Shepherd knows a lot about climate, and just as importantly, how to talk about it.


10 March 2023

One small step…for Third Pod?

We’re back! And this time, we’re heading to the moon! Well, not the moon, but to space! Well, that’s not quite true either. But we are starting season two with a series all about people who with for and with NASA.


#AntarcticLog: To the dogs

It’s on! What’s on? The Iditarod — 98 years after the history-making dog sled run, the dogs are off again, and that means it’s on. 


3 March 2023

#AntarcticLog: Branching Out 

Coral keeps on doing the unexpected — as in this week’s two stories from vastly different coral ecosystems. 


24 February 2023

Your favorites: A Martian on Earth

Tanya Harrison never thought she was going to be an astronaut. But she was determined to go to space. And she did just that – through satellites, first to Mars, and now looking back at our own third rock from the Sun as she uses satellites to map places near and far.


#AntarcticLog: Being Berg 

So you’ve always wanted to be an iceberg, to travel the world, bestowing fresh water and, just in general, being awesome? Here’s how: 


17 February 2023

#AntarcticLog: Ice is cool

Ice, my friends, is anything but basic.  It does strange and unexpected things, foiling even modelers. This week’s #AntarcticLog reviews an essential principle or two.