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4 August 2022

The 26 July 2016 landslide at Fushun west pit in China

On 26 July 2016 a 3.1 million cubic metre landslide occurred at a high wall coal mine at Fushun in China, causing extensive damage. The failure is documented in a new paper (Sun et al. 2022) in the journal Landslides.


5 October 2020

The Jimei landslide: inducing reactivation of an ancient failure through tunneling

In a new paper in the Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Wang et al. (2020) describe the impact of a tunnel on the ancient Jimie landslide in China


1 May 2018

Caijiazhuang village: a cracking-sliding landslide that has killed nine people

Yesterday a landslide in loess at Caijiazhuang in Shanxi Province, China killed nine people. This landslide seems to be similar to the cracking-sliding landslides described in recent research


2 January 2018

Yarlung Tsangpo: an ongoing “quake lake” scare in India (with images from Planet Labs)

The M=6.4 17th November 2017 earthquake in Tibet has triggered multiple landslides on the Yarlung Tsangpo river in Tibet, triggering fears of a catastrophic flood in India


17 November 2017

Detecting landslide precursors from space

Review of a paper:- detecting landslide precursors from space: the use of Sentinel images to interpret the Maoxian landslide in June 2017