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4 October 2022

The Beshbadam landslide in Kyrgyzstan

The Beshbadam landslide is a 4.4 km long failure in loess, triggered by a rain on snow event in Kyrgyzstan in the Spring of 1969.


26 March 2020

The Imom rockslide in Central Asia

The 15 million cubic metre Imom rockslide in Central Asia, one of a vast number of ancient giant landslides in this fascinating area


12 December 2019

The Kumtor gold mine landslide: high resolution Planet Labs images

Planet Labs have captured wonderful before and after SkySat images of the enormous Kumtor gold mine landslide in Kyrgyzstan last week


19 September 2019

Mine waste landslides at the Kumtor Goldmine in Kyrgyzstan

The high elevation Kumtor Goldmine in Kyrgyzstan is subject to unsual, very large, slowish moving landslides consisting of mine waste and glacial ice


30 April 2019

Bashkara Glacier: a major rock avalanche in the Caucasus last week

Satellite imagery shows that a major rock avalanche, with a runout length of about 2.7 km, occurred on the Bashkara Glacier in the Caucasus last week.


25 December 2018

Bureya River: a large landslide but not a meteorite impact in Russia

Bureya River: on 11th December 2018 a large landslide occurred in the Khabarovsk region of Russia. Speculation suggested it was a meteor impact. It wasn’t.


22 August 2018

High resolution imagery of the Pashgor debris flow in Afghanistan

Planet Labs have collected high resolution satellite imagery showing the track and impact of the debris flow that struck the village of Pashgor in Afghanistan in July 2018


15 July 2018

Panjshir province, Afghanistan: using Planet Labs imagery to interpret the deadly debris flow

On 12th July 2018 a massive debris flow struck the village of Pashgor in Panjshir province, Afghanistan, killing at least ten people. Planet Labs imagery shows that this was triggered by the collapse of an ephemeral lake about 15 km upstream


7 August 2017

New study details earthquake, flood risk for Eastern European, Central Asian countries

How will future disasters affect countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia? Researchers aiming to answer this question used projected changes in population and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 33 countries, along with climate, flood and earthquake risk models, to estimate how each country is affected by flooding and earthquakes now and in the future. In addition, the earthquake model was used to estimate fatalities and capital losses from a strong quake.


30 May 2017

Northern Tajikistan: An extreme mudflow video

On 28th May 2017 an extremely large mudflow in northern Tajikistan was captured on video and placed online by Radio Free Europe.


17 May 2017

A new video of the giant Kurbu-Tash landslide in Kyrgyzstan

AKI Press has uploaded a new video to Youtube showing the extremely large Kurbu-Tash landslide in Kyrgyzstan, which has destroyed nearly 60 houses


3 May 2017

Kurbu-Tash and Ayu: the location of the two large landslides in Kyrgyzstan this weekend

It has now been possible to locate both the Kurbu-Tash and Ayu landslides, which occurred in Kyrgyzstan over the weekend with deadly consequences


2 May 2017

Ayu in Osh, Kyrgyzstan: a large landslide has killed 24 people, and another large flowslide in Uzgen region

Two large landslides occurred in Kyrgystan this weekend. One, at Ayu in Osh, killed 24 people whilst the other, in Uzgen region, appears to be highly mobile


18 April 2017

The Almaluu-Bulak landslide in Kyrgyzstan: amazing new Google Earth imagery

Fantastic Google Earth imagery is now available of the site of the Almaluu-Bulak landslide in Kyrgyzstan, which was captured so memorably on video last year


28 March 2017

2017 International Summer School on Rockslides and Related Phenomena in the Kokomeren River Valley (Kyrgyzstan)

In August 2017 the International Summer School on Rockslides and Related Phenomena in the Kokomeren River Valley will once again be held in Kyrgyzstan


27 March 2017

A very large fatal landslide at Nichke-Sai in Uzgen, Kyrgyzstan yesterday

On 26th March a very large landslide occurred at Nichke-Sai in Uzgen, Kyrgyzstan, killing six people. Images suggest this may have been a loess landslide.


2 May 2016

The location of the Kyrgyzstan loess landslide, as caught on that amazing video

Using Google Earth it is possible to track down the location of the Kyrgyzstan loess landslide. This is an area with many similar landslides, some of which have also displayed high levels of mobility.


1 May 2016

Do not miss this: video of a catastrophic landslide in loess in Kyrgyzstan

An astonishing video has appeared on Youtube showing a video in, I assume, loess in Kyrgyzstan a few days ago. The landslide killed a teenage boy.


26 October 2015

Indian slab lurches downward beneath Afghanistan

As I walked into the department this bright brisk morning, coffee cheerily in hand, the live global seismogram display in the atrium caught my eye with an alarming event that had just happened during my bike ride into work. BIG earthquake, somewhere in the vicinity of Central/Southern Asia. Indeed, an earthquake deep (>200 km) beneath the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan had shaken a huge swath of Central and South …