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6 July 2015

Smoke North and Saharan Dust South

Several NASA satellites have sensors that can look at different wavelengths in the visible to infrared to sense things like dust and smoke. The image below is made up of two wavelengths around 500-550 nanometers in the visible light spectrum. Dust and smoke show up very well in this range. The red to the south is dust from the Sahara desert and the red across Canada and and the dark …


7 August 2014

Wildfire Smoke Dims Sun Over Eastern U.S. and Canada

Dense wildfire smoke (from forest fires in Canada) has once again moved into the NE U.S. The smoke is bringing a hazy sky this evening to the Eastern Great Lakes, and across NY and into Maryland,Virginia, and Delaware. The smoke was brought southward by the cool front that passed through last night. A closer view of the smoke is below: Click the images above for a much larger version. The …


29 July 2014

Wildfire Smoke Makes Cool East Coast Temps Even Cooler

In spite of an unusually dry and cool air mass over the eastern seaboard of the U.S. this afternoon, the sky is a milky white due to smoke from the wildfires in Western and far northern Canada. An even denser layer of smoke covers the western portions of Hudson Bay as well. Here is the view of the sky over Maryland at 630 PM, and the usual deep blue sky …


18 July 2014

Canada Wildfire Smoke Edging Southward

  In the Boreal forests of Canada there have been huge wildfires this month and the smoke is covering much of Canada. Late images this afternoon show the smoke is moving across the Great Lakes states as well, and it may move into the northeast U.S. soon. This part of the world has warmed more than any other over the past 60 years, and Climate Central has a nice write-up …