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28 November 2022

Excitement! Adventure! Sharing Science at #AGU22

Check out events on science communication, policy, art, multimedia, storytelling, and more at AGU22 (AGU’s Fall Meeting).


7 June 2021

Making #SciAnimations Using PowerPoint

If you find yourself needing to show some movement or change when describing your science, and you usually do this by drawing arrows, consider using making a short animation.


16 December 2020

#DrawnToGeoscience: SciComm with masks

I didn’t think I’d ever use a mask to communicate science, but here I am!  Due to COVID-19, masks became a requirement for in-person activities.  I enjoy science communication and outreach, and I knew I would still be doing in-person activities this semester, so I decided I would give “masked science” a try. 


7 December 2020

#AGU20 Sharing Science Week 1 Recap

One of my favorite features is the ability to watch recordings of the events/sessions afterwards, so if you missed it live, you can catch it later. So, below find a recap of (mostly) Sharing Science events and where to watch them.


13 April 2020

Voice for Science: A Welcome with Advice from Alumni

In 2018, AGU launched Voices for Science, a program that centers around training scientists to address the critical need for communicating the value and impact of Earth and space science to key decision makers, journalists, and public audiences. The program recruits scientists to participate in one of two tracks: policy or communications.


6 January 2020

Fall Meeting was amazing. What now?

Now that the holiday season is (largely) over, we’re reflecting here at Sharing Science on the successes of Fall Meeting and where we go from here.


2 December 2019

SciComm, policy, and outreach at AGU19!

♩It’s the most, wonderful tiiiiiiiime, of the year! ♫ 


3 January 2019

AGU18 debrief: Y’all love scicomm…and that makes us happy

Yes, I know. Fall Meeting was last month (and year), so what took us so long? Honestly…we were exhausted, but for the best reasons. Turns out that y’all love scicomm so much and helped to make AGU18 one of most successful for Sharing Science yet!


5 November 2018

A Sense of Place: Recruiting Interest in Science and Discovery Through Storytelling and Outreach

By Jane Wolken Some memories of a place are so vivid that they trigger the senses: the sight of a brilliant orange sunset viewed from a cool rock outcrop on the shore of a remote lake; the sound of a squirrel chirping from the top of a white spruce tree laden with cones; the unique smell of Labrador tea; the tart taste of Alaskan blueberries; and the abrupt touch of …


12 October 2018

Sharing stories of consensus building: the missing step in the scientific method

By Kathy Kelsey As a kid in school, I learned the narrative of the scientific method: a scientist makes an observation about the world which inspires a question, they pose a hypothesis, carry out an experiment, and produce and share their results.  Now that I am a practicing scientist I have learned that this narrative neglects a key component: the process of building consensus among scientists.  It’s important that we …


10 September 2018

A Voice for All Part II: Creating Space for All Voices

In academia we are taught to think critically, seek answers through scientific inquiry, publish results in peer-reviewed journals, and present significant findings to colleagues at conferences. We are not taught to listen with compassion, lead across scales in areas of research, project management and support, and support diversity and inclusivity.


4 September 2018

A Voice for All Part I: Cultivating Leadership, Diversity and Inclusivity in Academia

There are distinct moments in life that open our hearts and minds to listening, and motivate us to become better scientists, teachers, administrators, and advocates. In these moments we must not underestimate our individual and collective ability to make our world a better place.


14 August 2018

“Eggos rock…Iggy Azalea rocks…IG-KNEE-US rocks?”- In Celebration of International Youth Day

This post was originally posted on our From the Prow blog here.  By Claudia Corona When you’ve been a student for longer than you’ve been able to tie your shoes, and when you’ve been uttering words that would be considered a gem on a Scrabble board for at least a quarter of your life, you gain special powers of scientific enunciation which should be used for good. Such thoughts dawned on me …


30 July 2018

The Message Behind Science

By Sriparna Saha “You are so creative.” I cease to remember the number of times this label has been attached to me. I’ve always had an innate passion towards art but when the time came to choose a profession, I chose to pursue science. Some people m ight argue that science and creativity are disparate entities, but I believe that science is rooted in creativity and runs on imagination. Creativity in science …


11 June 2018

The aspen forests are burning, #416fire

I wake each morning eager to go for a run on a mountain trail. I had a plan for June trail runs. Gudy’s Rest, then Animas Mountain, Telegraph Hill,  then Skyline, a return to Animas Mountain, and then pick higher elevation trails. Hermosa Creek Trail was slated to be next. It won’t be next. The area is ablaze, homes are evacuated, and its adjacent aspen forests are burning. Smoke fills the air across the Animas River Valley and throughout Durango, Colorado.