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23 November 2021

Sharing Science at AGU21

Well, it’s that time of year again. No, not the holidays (well, yes, that too). It’s AGU’s Fall Meeting!


24 August 2021

#AntarcticLog: Science Education

Unlike many people in the sciences, I didn’t have much formal education myself. Much of what I’ve learned, I’ve learned on my feet, by wandering around behind scientists, watching and asking questions. All the more reason that the moment I first walked into the science classroom at my middle school looms large in my mind. 


8 March 2021

#VirtualFieldtrips: a supplementary educational tool in Covid-19 times

A virtual fieldwork can be useful in classes where students have the opportunity for a quick and realistic “visit” to a particular study area.


4 January 2021

Show us your science sketches via #SketchYourScience

If you attended Fall Meeting this year or followed us on social media, you may have noticed some hand-drawn depictions of scientists’ research. We asked scientists at the meeting to draw their research through our #sketchyourscience campaign.


Communicating with diverse audiences through Skype-A-Scientist

Science communication can be described as the practice of communicating scientific ideas to a general audience — in a “plainspoken” manner, if you fancy. From prior experiences, I felt comfortable with my communication skills, so I signed up for Skype a Scientist, and was matched in about a month.


21 December 2020

(Re)introducing the Sharing Science Virtual Learning Hub

For each webinar, we’ve created additional content to convey key points via multiple mediums. I’ve taken to TikTok and Reels to create scicomm videos with my dog. Our own Olivia Ambrogio has flexed her artistic drawing skills by creating <1-minute animations as well as animated webinar summaries. And our graphic design department has been putting together infographic summaries. 


7 December 2020

#AGU20 Sharing Science Week 1 Recap

One of my favorite features is the ability to watch recordings of the events/sessions afterwards, so if you missed it live, you can catch it later. So, below find a recap of (mostly) Sharing Science events and where to watch them.


2 November 2020

Sketch Your Science

Just because Fall Meeting is online this year doesn’t mean you can’t still participate. We’d love it if you shared a drawing—or drawings—of your research area, or you talk/poster, or even the science of someone else whose talk you found interesting, during Fall Meeting.


14 September 2020

Making the switch from in-person to online scicomm storytelling shows

…for this post, I’m taking off my AGU hat (mostly) and stepping into one of my other roles as storyteller and producer. I also work for the science storytelling organization The Story Collider, where scientists and non-scientists alike tell true, personal stories, live on stage. Er…or at least they used to. 


27 April 2020

Science Communication During Social Distancing

I began to write this blog to share the ways that our Voice of the Sea TV series has covered coastal and ocean science topics…And then the virus SARS-COV-2 put a stop to much of work life as we know it.