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14 October 2022

#AntarcticLog: Breaking ice to do some science

You could call is bush-whacking. You could call it trail-blazing.  Or you could call it ice-breaking — and not in the sense of warming up a chilly party, either.  


23 November 2021

Sharing Science at AGU21

Well, it’s that time of year again. No, not the holidays (well, yes, that too). It’s AGU’s Fall Meeting!


4 August 2021

#AGURocks: Soon May the Kennicott Thin

We arrived in the small town of McCarthy, Alaska in early June 2021 to quantify the retreat of the Kennicott Glacier just up the valley. As part of a project under direction of Dr. Regine Hock, formerly at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and now at the University of Oslo, we measured glacial melt and installed weather stations on debris-covered ice, bare ice, and high up in the mountains.


21 April 2021

Sharing #SciArt: #AGURocks, #DrawnToGeoscience, & #RhymeYourResearch

The goal was to not only showcase thee amazing ways of communicating science via art but to also show folks the creative process behind the creations; to pull back the curtain to hopefully lower the barrier(s) to entry for those who may have thought about scicomm via art but thought that it was too difficult/they didn’t have the talent.


14 April 2021

Creating accessible and interactive visualizations with Adobe XD

An integral and critical part of scientific research is science communication and dissemination, making scientific findings accessible to all. Data visualizations, such as maps, graphs, and infographics are commonly used as they are easy and fast to read and understand. Interactive web-based infographics are one way to make data representation more accessible, more complete, and more engaging to people. Static visualizations are indeed often oversimplified or overwhelming.


8 March 2021

#VirtualFieldtrips: a supplementary educational tool in Covid-19 times

A virtual fieldwork can be useful in classes where students have the opportunity for a quick and realistic “visit” to a particular study area.


8 February 2021

Lights, Camera, Action! Video content production and dissemination during distance learning

As much of the world’s population sheltered in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists and organizations stepped forward to create and share ‘zero-budget’ educational video content directly with students and the public. Using only phones, computer cameras, video conferencing apps and tools readily available to us as geoscience professionals, we created video content covering topics ranging from rock identification and interpretation, to the physics of hazards and geotravel.


14 December 2020

#AGU20 Sharing Science Week 2 Recap

While last week went really well, this week we found out stride and, with some experience under our belts, had some fun with it.


7 December 2020

#AGU20 Sharing Science Week 1 Recap

One of my favorite features is the ability to watch recordings of the events/sessions afterwards, so if you missed it live, you can catch it later. So, below find a recap of (mostly) Sharing Science events and where to watch them.


11 June 2020

#DrawnToGeoscience: The Monument

*Google search: equipment needed to create a documentary.*

This is how my journey to creating The Monument began. In reality, it began before I made that search, in the months (that turned into years) of being rendered unable to shake a passion that gripped me—a passion to highlight and document the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, a hub for biodiversity in the western U.S., and to share its magnificence with the general public.


29 May 2020

#AGURocks: Cover of the Science Mag

Ever since Nick Shackleton first showed his clarinette skills on one of the first ICP conferences (most likely on the ICP3 in Cambridge) it has become a habit to have a Paleomusicology concert the night before the conference ends. It used to be quite classical but it has become more casual during the last years.


22 May 2020

#AGURocks: Physical Geography (i.e. Bohemian Rhapsody)

#AGURocks is a series of posts by musicians who create science-inspired music and explain their process and inspiration while also showcasing their pieces. Learn more about contributing. The views and lyrics expressed in this post and song do not reflect those of Sharing Science and AGU. This week, Rob Storrar. Back in March I woke up with, for no discernible reason, the opening lines to Queen’s epic Bohemian Rhapsody in my head, …


18 May 2020

“Virtual Research Cruise” Activity

I boarded the Research Vessel (R/V) Oceanus with scientists from four research institutions between the United States and Canada. I settled into my cabin and took a few moments to review my goals and objectives for the next two weeks. My primary goal was to develop the “Virtual Research Cruise” activity.


15 May 2020

#AGURocks: Geologise Theatre – All the world’s a stage!

I am a PhD student in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford (UK) and one half of the musical science communication duo Geologise Theatre. We (Matthew Kemp, a fellow PhD student, and myself) write and perform songs and theatre pieces about the science of the Earth, from fossils to climate change! Shakespeare famously wrote “All the world’s a stage”, and we’ve taken that (perhaps too) literally…


13 April 2020

Voice for Science: A Welcome with Advice from Alumni

In 2018, AGU launched Voices for Science, a program that centers around training scientists to address the critical need for communicating the value and impact of Earth and space science to key decision makers, journalists, and public audiences. The program recruits scientists to participate in one of two tracks: policy or communications.


16 March 2020

The value of face-to-face virtual meetings for scicomm (& more)

Workplaces are set up for virtual work. Folks telework more and more. I personally attend a ton of meetings over  the phone. However, I’ll be the first one to admit that if I’m participating in a meeting via phone, my attention is not 100%* on the subject at hand.


9 March 2020

Storytelling basics: The meat and ornaments of a story

Did you ever have a great idea, start that idea, then life hits you and that idea gets sidelined? That’s what happened w/ this series. But, I’m back, and there’s so much more storytelling to talk about!


12 February 2020

The Geology Project: Bilingual Geoscience Communication by Bilingual Geoscientists

During the AGU Fall Meeting 2019, I presented a talk on The Geology Project (TGP). TGP is a social media-based geoscience communication enterprise with special focus on providing content in both Spanish and English. Based in Puerto Rico, TGP is run by five young Puerto Rican geoscientists, with one mission: communicating science to the world!


6 January 2020

Fall Meeting was amazing. What now?

Now that the holiday season is (largely) over, we’re reflecting here at Sharing Science on the successes of Fall Meeting and where we go from here.


2 December 2019

SciComm, policy, and outreach at AGU19!

♩It’s the most, wonderful tiiiiiiiime, of the year! ♫