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8 July 2019

Monday Geology Picture: Travertine Wall

Wow, the past couple of months have been busy! I spent most of May and June travelling for work. Life has calmed down now, so it’s time to resume my blogging… and try to stick with it a little better for the rest of the year! To kick off some blogging, here’s a picture of a beautiful decorative travertine stone on the front of a building. I took this picture …


26 September 2016

Monday Geology Picture: Travertine Timeline

This week I’m featuring one of my all-time favorite geology pictures: a snapshot of layers of travertine, representing the build-up of carbonate crusts precipitated from springs over many years. This picture was taken several years ago during my Ph.D fieldwork in the Sultanate of Oman. The layers in this picture took several thousand years to accumulate.


5 September 2016

Monday Geology Picture: Travertine Tile

For this week’s Monday Geology Picture, here’s a lovely travertine tile that I spotted in the Cape Town International Convention Centre, which was the site of the 35th International Geological Congress that I attended last week.


2 June 2014

Monday Geology Picture: Yellowstone Travertine

This week’s Monday Geology Picture shows some lovely travertine terraces in Yellowstone National Park. I last visited Yellowstone in 2005– I’ll have to make a trip back there one of these days.