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7 February 2020

Friday fold: Kings Canyon

The Friday fold shows disharmonic crumpling in marbles of the Boyden Cave Root Pendant in California’s Sierra Nevada. The GigaPan image displayed is part of the digital legacy of Ron Schott, who passed away a year and a half ago.


25 June 2018

Mafic volcanics atop felsic instrusives: Sonora Pass, California

Sonora Pass, California, is a lovely place to examine a volcanic-on-plutonic nonconformity that spans about 80 million years of missing time. Let’s check it out on a photo-rich virtual field trip!


23 June 2018

Deformed conglomerate of Frog Lakes, California

Fifteen years after mapping deformed rocks of the Sierra Crest shear zone system in the high Sierra, a family vacation brings Callan back to the pre-batholith metasedimentary rocks which show a pronounced strain.


19 August 2016

Friday fold: marble, Kings Canyon, California

My friend Bill Burton (USGS, Reston) shared today’s Friday fold — Chevron folds in marble, Kings Canyon, California. Nice! Thanks for sharing, Bill!


24 November 2012

Rock Cycle III: Igneous → Sedimentary

The Boulder Batholith outside of Butte, Montana, is actively weathering, and shedding off grus. In the third installment of the Transitions of the Rock Cycle series, we watch an igneous rock turn to sediment.