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25 March 2019

Celestial groundwater – the subsurface plumbing for extraterrestrial life support

Have you ever taken a walk on the beach during a lowering (ebbing) tide and see mini-rivers grow and create beautiful drainage patterns before your eyes? These short-lived groundwater seepage features are tiny (and fast) analogs of how groundwater has shaped some parts of Mars! It appears that groundwater loosening sediments can lead to all sorts of scales of erosion on both Earth and Mars.


18 July 2018

How deep does groundwater go? Mining (dark) data from the depths

We’ve all been asked (or do the asking), “where does your water come from?” This is a fundamental question for establishing a series of additional questions that can ultimately help define strategies for valuing and protecting a particular water resource.


2 March 2018

A cool new collectible: Water

Post by Matt Herod, Waste and Decommissioning Project Officer for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, and Adjunct Professor in Earth and Environmental Science at the University of Ottawa, in Ottawa, Canada. _______________________________________________ I have always been a mineral and fossil collector. It was a hobby that stuck and blossomed into a career. I still collect minerals and fossils, although I’ve now added rocks from my field sites to the collection. One …


27 August 2017

Crowdfunding Science: A personal journey toward a public campaign

I went from a BSc (Hons) student, who was not considering continuing my postgraduate studies at all, to someone who is passionate about water resource research and continuing my postgraduate career. This is apparently common amongst postgraduate students in science…


4 July 2011

Jefferson, His Thermometer and The 4th.

Historians would rightfully caution against asking how Thomas Jefferson would react to today’s anti-science crowd in America. He lived in his time, and this one is far different, but on this 4th of July it is something I wonder about. What would he think about demands that science classes teach faith-based beliefs alongside subjects such as the age of the Earth, or death threats to scientists who work in the …


3 May 2009

The Photo That Changed the World

What were you doing on Christmas Eve 1968? If you are younger than 40 you weren’t even alive, but I hit 50 next month, and I remember it well, and not just because I was 9 years old at the time, and Christmas morning was a few hours away. Apollo 8 was circling the Moon, and I was (and still am) a Space nut. Human beings on that Christmas Eve …