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16 April 2021

Friday fold: Colorado cluster

Friday means folds –
This week, we head to the Colorado Rockies for a butterfly-like presentation of a ptygmaticly folded granite dike within biotite schist.


17 July 2020

Friday fold: Sandy Hollow from the air

The Friday fold is spied below, in the Montanan landscape near Dillon, from an airplane high above…


8 November 2019

Friday fold: Rist Canyon cobble

From a creek bed in northern Colorado, the Friday fold distorts foliation in early Proterozoic quartzofeldspathic gneiss, peppered with small almandine garnets.  


16 August 2019

Friday fold: near Mistaya Lodge in the Canadian Rockies

Quick, awesome Friday fold here from the Canadian Rockies and Maggie Romuld: Maggie also posted another intriguing image of her hiking in the Canadian Rockies – and set geoTwitter abuzz with a discussion of whether she had captured load casts bulging out of the bottom side of a bed or stromatolites projecting upward from the top of a bed. Have a look & read the ensuing discussion here. Happy Friday!


24 August 2018

Friday fold: Gneiss from Arapaho Pass, Colorado

It’s Friday, and I have another guest Friday fold to share: This one is from my Denver friend Greg Willis, who tells me it’s from near Arapaho Pass, near where we rain-hiked. Ahhhh, yes – a singularly soggy hike up in the Colorado Rockies. I remember it well, and it looks like Greg had better weather on this jaunt! Happy Friday to all!


24 November 2017

Friday fold: Idaho Springs Fm. amphibolite

Here’s a guest Friday fold from reader Carl Brink: Carl tells me that this is: Precambrian Amphibolite schist float boulder from the Idaho Springs Formation in Rist Canyon west of Fort Collins, Colorado.  Knife is 2.25 inches long. Thanks for sharing, Carl!


16 September 2016

Friday fold: Centenary migmatite

The Friday fold is a guest submission from Bill Burton, who took the photo of these lovely ptygmatic folds in migmatite in a national park on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Park Service.


22 April 2016

Friday fold: Crumpled Dinwoody Formation, Sheep Mountain, Wyoming

Today for your folding pleasure, I give you two field GigaPans shot by Jeffrey Rollins, a two-time Rockies field course alumnus and Old Dominion University student working under my colleague Declan De Paor, assisted by NOVA student Bridget Gomez, during last summer’s extended GigaPan expedition at the Sheep Mountain Anticline, Wyoming. This particular outcrop was found near the axis of the massive Laramide fold, and shows an extensively deformed section …


24 October 2013

Exploring Wind River Canyon’s Great Unconformity in outcrop and hand sample (via GigaPan)

Over the summer, I shot these two GigaPans of the “Great Unconformity” in Wind River Canyon (Owl Creek Mountains), Wyoming: [gigapan id=”136109″] link [gigapan id=”136122″] link This week, Team M.A.G.I.C. (by which I mean my student Robin Rohrback-Schiavone) finished up a series of three macro GigaPans of rock samples from the site (made with our one-of-nine-in-the-world GIGAmacro rig by Four Chambers Studio): [gigapan id=”141715″] link [gigapan id=”143006″] link [gigapan id=”143007″] …


13 September 2013

Friday fold: Kink band in Lodgepole Limestone, Sacagawea Peak, Bridger Range, Montana

As I’ve mentioned previously, I spent some time making GigaPans this summer out west. Here’s Lily and me on the crest of the Bridger Range, enjoying the clear skies and great geology: When this portrait was taken (by our friend Lindsay), I was shooting this GigaPan: [gigapan id=”135511″] link Try exploring it to see if you can find today’s Friday fold: a kink band in the Lodgepole Limestone (a thinly …


1 August 2013

New Rockies GigaPannery

Several new GigaPans I’ve produced over the past few weeks in the Rocky Mountains of Montana and Wyoming: [gigapan id=”135424″] link [gigapan id=”135511″] link [gigapan id=”135562″] link [gigapan id=”136069″] link [gigapan id=”136098″] link [gigapan id=”136109″] link [gigapan id=”136259″] link [gigapan id=”136122″] link


5 July 2012

Floe Lake hike

Last summer, my wife and I spent some time in the Canadian Rockies. One of the things we did was to take a three-day backpacking trip to Floe Lake, in Kootenay National Park, British Columbia. We picked a rough couple of days for hiking – We got a lot of Canadian Rockies precipitation out there: we got rained on, hailed on, and snowed on during those three days. Here’s our …