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8 March 2021

#VirtualFieldtrips: a supplementary educational tool in Covid-19 times

A virtual fieldwork can be useful in classes where students have the opportunity for a quick and realistic “visit” to a particular study area.


8 February 2021

Lights, Camera, Action! Video content production and dissemination during distance learning

As much of the world’s population sheltered in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists and organizations stepped forward to create and share ‘zero-budget’ educational video content directly with students and the public. Using only phones, computer cameras, video conferencing apps and tools readily available to us as geoscience professionals, we created video content covering topics ranging from rock identification and interpretation, to the physics of hazards and geotravel.


4 January 2021

Communicating with diverse audiences through Skype-A-Scientist

Science communication can be described as the practice of communicating scientific ideas to a general audience — in a “plainspoken” manner, if you fancy. From prior experiences, I felt comfortable with my communication skills, so I signed up for Skype a Scientist, and was matched in about a month.


21 December 2020

(Re)introducing the Sharing Science Virtual Learning Hub

For each webinar, we’ve created additional content to convey key points via multiple mediums. I’ve taken to TikTok and Reels to create scicomm videos with my dog. Our own Olivia Ambrogio has flexed her artistic drawing skills by creating <1-minute animations as well as animated webinar summaries. And our graphic design department has been putting together infographic summaries. 


7 October 2020

Sharing Science scicomm workshops are now virtual!

By Shane M Hanlon We in Sharing Science do many different things. We’re scicomm trainers/practitioners, communicators, multimedia experts, artists, storytellers, and more. At the core of these various aspects of scicomm is the first item – training. Sharing Science was founded >5 years ago by my colleague Olivia with the goal of providing fellow scientists with the skills, tools, and resources they need to communicate science with any audience. The …


7 July 2020

First you were like, “whoa!” Then we were like, “WHOA!” And then you were like, “Fibropapillomatosis.”

There is currently a disease that is costing green sea turtles, Chelonia mydas, more than just a fin or some “noggin” – it is taking their lives. Fibropapillomatosis (FP) is a disease with a cause that is unknown. Here is what we know.


2 July 2020

Rabies: What Do You Really Know?

When people think of rabies, they are most likely visualizing an aggressive animal foaming at the mouth and ready to viciously attack any living thing in sight, but is this image always the case?


1 July 2020

Myth Busting: Lyme Disease

There have been many claims that Lyme disease has correlations to the presence of autism within people…However, there is an experiment done by Armin Alaedini that has proved against this myth.


22 June 2020

Writing about wildlife diseases

It’s that time of year again when I head to rural Pennsylvania to teach a field course in disease ecology for undergraduates at my alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh. 

No it’s not. But it should be.


18 May 2020

“Virtual Research Cruise” Activity

I boarded the Research Vessel (R/V) Oceanus with scientists from four research institutions between the United States and Canada. I settled into my cabin and took a few moments to review my goals and objectives for the next two weeks. My primary goal was to develop the “Virtual Research Cruise” activity.


27 April 2020

Science Communication During Social Distancing

I began to write this blog to share the ways that our Voice of the Sea TV series has covered coastal and ocean science topics…And then the virus SARS-COV-2 put a stop to much of work life as we know it.