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14 December 2020

#AGU20 Sharing Science Week 2 Recap

While last week went really well, this week we found out stride and, with some experience under our belts, had some fun with it.


17 July 2020

Research Suggests Leprosy to be a Zoonosis, The Reservoir: Armadillos

Leprosy, renamed Hansen’s Disease, is a chronic condition caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae (M. leprae). The disease primarily targets the skin and peripheral nerves, however new forms of the bacteria have also been found to affect other areas such as the eyes, testicles, and bones. An individual, once infected, typically shows an incubation period of three to seven years.


16 July 2020

Anthrax, a cool band name but devastating to reindeer

Anthrax, also known as Bacillus anthracis, is a gram-positive bacterium that has a very high fatality rate up to 80% when inhaled. This deadly bacterium is now a yearly ticking timebomb in northern Russia every summer, devastating the local wildlife and spreading to humans.


6 January 2020

Help wanted: Advice on a Plain Language Summary

One thing that I love about AGU is that all of our journals accept Plain Langauge Summaries as part of journal submissions. We here in Sharing Science highlight some of the better ones that we see via the #SciSummary hashtag and offer a toolkit on crafting that perfect summary. And now, we’re happy to offer a home to solicit advice.