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13 September 2014

Chamarel Waterfall, Mauritius

Today I’m continuing with sharing some pictures from my March 2014 trip to the volcanic island of Mauritius. You can see some of my previous posts on Mauritius here, here, and here. Mauritius is a tropical island, so in many places the lava rocks, particularly the older ones, are covered by thick green vegetation. However, there are some places where you can see the lavas well. One of those places is …


8 September 2014

The Young Volcanic Landscape of Mauritius

For the next little while, I will be blogging about my recent (March 2014) vacation to Mauritius, a young volcanic island in the Indian Ocean. I recently shared a couple of pictures of volcanic basalt in Mauritius for my “Monday Geology Picture” posts here and here. In future posts, I’ll write a little more about the volcanic history of Mauritius. In brief, Mauritius is believed to have been formed by a …


Monday Geology Picture(s): Vesicular Basalt Boulder, Mauritius

Continuing with some pictures from my trip to Mauritius back in March, for this week’s “Monday Geology Picture” post I am sharing some pictures of a large boulder of vesicular basalt. This particular boulder is located in the town of Grand Gaube in northern Mauritius and is used as a decorative stone on which a plaque has been mounted. Vesicular basalt is a dark-colored volcanic rock that contains many small holes, …


1 September 2014

Monday Geology Picture: Black Basalt on the Beach, Mauritius

First of all, my apologies for the long absence from blogging. Work has been extremely busy this year, and for the last 6 weeks I was in the field with very spotty satellite internet connection. However, I’m back in Cape Town now, and September should be a quieter month for me, workwise. So, I’m hopeful that I will have time to catch up on some blogging. One of the things …


10 February 2014

A Request: Mauritius Geology

My husband and I have had quite a busy few months of work. We only took one day of leave over the recent December holiday, so we’ve decided that we need a short break before I start a new position at the beginning of April. So, we’ve booked a week’s vacation on the lovely island of Mauritius in late March. We’ll be traveling through Johannesburg on the way to visit …