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29 May 2017

Monday Geology Picture: Kimberlite in Kimberley

For this week’s “Monday Geology Picture”, here’s a snap of a mine cart filled with kimberlite rocks — and a mantle xenolith or two. I took this picture last year when I visited The Big Hole Museum in Kimberley, South Africa. The rock kimberlite was named after the town of¬†Kimberley, of course! For those who are unfamiliar, kimberlite is the ore that is mined for diamonds, and many of the …


21 November 2016

Monday Geology Picture: The Big Hole, Kimberley, South Africa

This week’s “Monday Geology Picture” is a shot of the Big Hole in Kimberley, South Africa. This hole, now filled partly with water, is the remains of an early diamond mine in a kimberlite¬†(a rock type named after the town of Kimberley) pipe. The pipe was mined from 1871 to 1914 and today can be safely visited and observed (from a walkway) as part of a visit to The Big …