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21 December 2018

Friday fold: Samaria Gorge, Crete II

The Friday fold is a guest submission from AGU’s new Chief Digital Officer, and shows a spectacular set of recumbent folds in Crete.


30 September 2013

Monday Geology Picture(s): Stunning Shots of Santorini

Last week I shared a lovely view of Santorini taken by my friends Patrick and Nia during their vacation back in June. This week I thought I’d share several more of their Santorini shots. Some of them are quite stunning. Enjoy! When Patrick and Nia sent through these pictures to me, my husband commented: Ah, a geologist’s nightmare. Photographs without scale! Except for the one with the boat… and the …


23 September 2013

Monday Geology Picture: Scenic Santorini

Courtesy of my friends Patrick and Nia, here is a lovely picture of Santorini, a Greek island that is a the remnant of a volcanic caldera. Patrick and Nia were on vacation in Greece back in June. I’ll share a few more of their Santorini pictures for next week’s “Monday Geology Picture” post.