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23 January 2023

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs, by Steve Brusatte

A terrifically told update on dinosaur paleoecology and evolution by an enthusiastic practitioner of the Mesozoic arts. Brusatte paints himself as coming of age in the time of Jurassic Park, an obsessed ‘fanboy’ of dinosaurs and celebrity paleontologists, who then matures and innovates through an impressive series of field experiences and methodological devices to become a professor, author, and leader in the field. Brusatte’s own story isn’t the centerpiece of …


22 July 2019

Monday Geology Picture: Dinosaur Stampede Trackways

This week I’m sharing a few pictures of an incredible display at the Queensland Museum of a dinosaur stampede – the only known record of a dinosaur stampede. The display shows an area in Queensland, Australia, where there are thousands of dinosaur footprints (more than 3,000) of more than 130 different dinosaurs, all in an area about the size of a tennis court! Recently, there has been some debate about …


20 March 2019

The Dinosaur Artist, by Paige Williams

A book review of Paige Williams’ “The Dinosaur Artist,” a tale of international trade in dinosaur skeletons.


23 February 2019

Michael Crichton vs. Charles Dickens

Because of my commute, I consume multiple books at the same time. I listen to one in the car, and I read another (or more than one other) at home, on traditional paper. This past week, I read Jurassic Park, by Michael Crichton and listened to David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens. I chose the Dickens volume just to have something to listen to that wasn’t NPR coverage of our disastrous …


24 April 2018

T. rex and the Crater of Doom, by Walter Alvarez

Walter Alvarez has a new book out, and its publication reminded me that though I read and appreciated The Mountains of St. Francis, I had never read his most famous work — the account of how he and his father and a team of other researchers zeroed in on an extraterrestrial impact explanation for the end-Cretaceous extinction. So last week I read T. rex and the Crater of Doom (1997). …


16 October 2017

Monday Geology Picture: Dinosaur Mobile

Since my baby boy is likely to arrive this week, I thought that I would share a picture from our dinosaur-themed nursery for this week’s picture. This picture shows the lovely dinosaur mobile that we’ve hung over the crib. This mobile was hand-made by women in South Africa (providing key local employment). I ordered it from a South African website. However, it is also available on Etsy for international customers. …


6 October 2015

More Pictures of Dinosaur Sculptures Amongst the Cycads in Kirstenbosch Gardens

For my “Monday Geology Picture” post yesterday I shared a picture of  a dinosaur sculpture that is currently on display at Kirstenbosch Gardens here in Cape Town, South Africa. This sculpture is one of several dinosaur sculptures on display in the gardens. Today, as I promised, I’m sharing a few more pictures of the sculptures. These large metal dinosaurs were installed in the gardens in 2015 to raise awareness about cycads, which are plants …


5 October 2015

Monday Geology Picture: A Dinosaur in a Botanical Garden

This week’s Monday Geology Picture features a dinosaur in a botanical garden. Specifically, it features a giant metal sculpture of a dinosaur that is part of an exhibit in Kirstenbosch Gardens here in Cape Town, South Africa. The sculpture is one of several dinosaur sculptures that have been installed in the gardens as part of an exhibit to raise awareness about cycads, which are ancient plants that have been around …


13 April 2014

Sutherland Sky: Part III

Today I’m continuing with my series of posts about my October 2013 visit to the small town of Sutherland in South Africa’s Northern Cape province. Sutherland is home to a South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) research station that contains many telescopes, including the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT). You can read Part I of this series here and Part II of this series here. Today I’m going to share some pictures from our visit to the SAAO Visitor …


3 March 2014

Monday Geology Picture: A Giant Roadside Dinosaur

For this week’s Monday Geology Picture I’m featuring another picture from my friend Aimee, who provided last week’s picture as well. This picture shows one of the Cabazon Dinosaurs, giant dinosaur sculptures standing along Interstate 10 in California near Palm Springs. Originally built starting in the 1960s to attract visitors to a roadside cafe, the dinosaurs are now part of an extensive roadside attraction and a museum that, unfortunately, promotes …


27 August 2012

Monday Geology Picture: Vernal’s Giant Pink Dinosaur

Here’s a fun picture of a giant pink dinosaur named Dinah, who now holds a sign welcoming visitors to Vernal, Utah. In the past Dinah held up a sign for the Dine-A-Ville Motel and Cafe.


8 May 2012

Georneys with Dana- Part II: The Rock, Fossil, & Dinosaur Shop

  Note: I convinced my Geokittehs co-author Dana Hunter to fly from Seattle to New Hampshire to visit me for a few days. I handed in the final version of my PhD thesis last Friday afternoon, and Dana arrived last Saturday to help me celebrate. This is Part II of my description of the fun georneys we had together during Dana’s visit. After our visit to the dinosaur footprints, Dana and I headed …


7 May 2012

Georneys with Dana- Part I: Dinosaur Footprints Near Holyoke, MA

I convinced my Geokittehs co-author Dana Hunter to fly from Seattle to New Hampshire to visit me for a few days. I handed in the final version of my PhD thesis on Friday afternoon, and Dana arrived last night to help me celebrate. So far, we’ve been having a ball. You can expect several forthcoming posts about Dana’s visit, both here on Georneys and over at Dana’s blogs Rosetta Stones …


18 April 2012

Origami Dinosaurs

This past weekend during some post-thesis retail therapy, I made a wonderful discovery in the local $1 store: origami dinosaurs! Since the box only cost $1 and my origami skills are lacking, I bought 5 boxes. Tonight my friend Dan and I attempted our first origami dinosaurs. We started with T-Rex since the instructions looked simpler than the other dinosaurs. After some struggling along, our T-Rex creations look *almost* like …


28 November 2011

My First Knitted Dinosaur

In my office this morning I have a new friend– the first knitted dinosaur I made from Jean Greenhowe’s dinosaur knitting patterns. I mostly knitted this dinosaur on Thanksgiving Day, and I just fnished him up last night. I’m quite proud– I’m really a novice knitter, but I think the dinosaur turned out quite well despite a few mistakes here and there. I’m not exactly sure of the dinosaur species. …


20 November 2011

Knitted Dinosaurs

For the past few years, I’ve been teaching myself how to knit. I don’t have too much time for knitting in the midst of travel and writing and working on my PhD, but I usually have a knitting project or two that I work on while watching a movie on the weekend. I’m not a very advanced knitter– I pretty much just knit scarves and hats. A few months ago …