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18 November 2014

Sutherland Sky: Part VII – Scenes from the Cape Fold Belt

At long last, I’m finishing up my series of posts about my October 2013 visit to the small town of Sutherland in South Africa’s Northern Cape province. Sutherland is home to a South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) research station that contains many telescopes, including the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT). You can read Part I of this series here, Part II of this series here, Part III of this series here, Part IV of this series here, Part V of this series here, …


6 October 2014

Monday Geology Picture: Cape Town from the Sea

On Saturday, I unexpectedly had to hop on a ship for a month for a work trip. So, blogging may be a little bit light over the next month. I’ll try to post when I can, but I’ll be limited by the slow shipboard internet. As the ship was leaving Cape Town on Saturday afternoon, I enjoyed some stunning views of Cape Town from the sea. The picture above shows …


22 September 2014

Monday Geology Picture(s): Two Views from the Top of Table Mountain

My two American geologist friends, with whom I went ziplining amidst some sedimentary rocks a little over a week ago, left on Saturday. Before they left on their evening flight, we decided to go up Cape Town’s beautiful Table Mountain. We took the cable car up the mountain, hiked around on the top for a couple of hours, and then took the cable car back down. Saturday was a beautiful …


15 September 2014

Monday Geology Picture(s): Cross-Bedding in Ceres, South Africa

Soon, I’ll continue with sharing more pictures from my geological wanderings in Mauritius earlier this year. However, for this week’s “Monday Geology Picture” I want to share some pictures from my recent visit to the little town of Ceres in the Western Cape of South Africa. Last Friday, I went to Ceres for the day with my husband and two friends visiting from America. Ceres is about an hour and a …


9 June 2014

Monday Geology Picture(s): More Petrified Wood at Kirstenbosch Garden

My apologies again for the light blogging recently. My day job as an industry geologist has been keeping me extremely busy over the past couple of months. However, on Friday my husband and I are to the US for a much-needed three weeks of vacation, including spending time with friends and family whom we see far too rarely. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in a little time for blogging …


26 May 2014

Monday Geology Picture: Posing with Petrified Wood in Kirstenbosch Garden

My apologies that my blogging has been very light over the past few weeks. I didn’t even post my “Monday Geology Picture” these past few weeks! A busy work schedule combined with some family issues meant that something had to go, and unfortunately that something was blogging here on Georneys. Never fear, though! I won’t abandon you! That said, starting in mid-June, I am going to be travelling for ~3 months, …


28 April 2014

Monday Geology Picture: Table Mountain Silhouette

I am very fortunate to live in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. One of Cape Town’s best geographical (and geological) features is Table Mountain. I see Table Mountain pretty much every day– I have a nice view of it on my drive to work. For this week’s Monday Geology Picture I’m sharing a beautiful view of Table Mountain. I took this picture from Milnerton Beach during a recent weekend walk.


7 April 2014

Monday Geology Picture(s): A Few More Pictures from Rondevlei

For this week’s “Monday Geology Picture” post I thought I would share a few more pictures from my recent visit to Rondevlei Nature Reserve here in the Western Cape of South Africa. I shared one picture last week. As a quick reminder, Rondevlei is a vlei or marsh that is home to the Western Cape’s only population of hippos. When I visited the vlei a little over a week ago, …


31 March 2014

Monday Geology Picture: Mudcracks at Rondevlei

  Yesterday my husband and I visited the Rondevlei Nature Reserve here in the Western Cape of South Africa. Rondevlei is the only place in the Western Cape where hippos live. Hippos lived in the Western Cape historically, but they went extinct in the 1700s. A few hippos were re-introduced to Rondevlei in the 1980s. We didn’t see any hippos during our walk around Rondevlei– apparently hippos are seen in …


10 February 2014

Monday Geology Picture(s): More Views of the Shipwreck on Noordhoek Beach, South Africa

A few weeks ago I featured a picture of the S. S. Kakapo shipwreck on Noordhoek Beach in the Cape Town, South Africa, area for my “Monday Geology Picture” post. Yesterday my husband and I took a walk along Noordhoek Beach, which is quite a long beach. Walking from the parking lot at one end of the beach to the shipwreck at the other end of the beach takes about …


20 January 2014

Monday Geology Picture: Shipwreck on Noordhoek Beach, South Africa

Sometimes, manmade objects become part of the geological landscape. For example, on Noordhoek (which means “North Corner”, in Dutch and Afrikaans) Beach near Cape Town, South Africa, there is a shipwreck at one end of the beach. Two rusted boilers and a ring of metal ribs– sticking up out of the sand like a picket fence– are all that remain of the S. S. Kakapo, a New Zealand steamship that …


13 January 2014

Monday Geology Picture(s): Oudekraal Beach, South Africa

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. Amongst other wonderful things, my husband Jackie organized a surprise birthday party for me at Oudekraal, a beautiful beach (and national park) here in Cape Town. Bordered on one side by gigantic boulders and turquoise-blue waters and flanked on the other side by tall, jagged, gray-green mountains, Oudekraal is a stunning location. Jackie rented a kayak, brought plenty of delicious picnic food, and invited many …


5 January 2014

Constantia Nek Walk in Pictures

Below are a few more pictures from a recent walk along the Constantia Nek contour path here in Cape Town. I featured a picture from this same walk in this week’s “Monday Geology Picture” post. I feel very fortunate to live in a city that has many beautiful walks and hikes. I’ll do my best to explore some more of them– and re-visit some old favorites– in 2014.


30 December 2013

Monday Geology Picture: Two Little Landslides on Table Mountain

Yesterday my husband and I took advantage of the sunny summer weather here in Cape Town and went for an easy walk along Constantia Nek, a contour path along Table Mountain that eventually leads to the beautiful Kirstenbosch Gardens. Along the walk, I noticed a few small landslides on Table Mountain, including the two shown in the picture above. If you’re looking for an easy and beautiful hike in the …


11 November 2013

Monday Geology Picture: Chapman’s Peak Nonconformity, South Africa

This week I thought I’d share a picture of my favorite nonconformity: the nonconformity between the ~550 million year old Cape Granite and the ~450 million year old Table Mountain Sandstone Group here in the Cape Town area. This famous viewpoint of this famous nonconformity is located along the Chapman’s Peak Drive. Can you spot the nonconformity? Once you’ve had a look, check out this previous post in which I explain …


14 October 2013

Monday Geology Picture: Snowy South African Mountains

This past winter was fairly cold here in South Africa. Somewhat unusually, many of the tops of the mountains in the Western Cape were periodically dusted with snow. There was even snow on Table Mountain in Cape Town. During a recent backpacking trip along the Tsitsikamma Trail, my friends and I experienced some cold night-time temperatures although there was no snow in the Tsitsikamma region. However, when we were driving back …


22 July 2013

Monday Geology Picture(s): Some Views from the Cape Fold Belt, South Africa

Continuing with my recent South Africa theme for the “Monday Geology Picture” posts, here are a few views from the Cape Fold Belt. These pictures were all taken in late June 2013. Enjoy!


15 July 2013

Monday Geology Picture: Snow in South Africa

Here’s something you don’t see every day: snow in South Africa! In late June my husband and I drove from Cape Town to Robertson, South Africa to visit my husband’s grandmother. It had been fairly cold and rainy in Cape Town for much of June. As we were driving through the mountains of the Cape Fold Belt, we noticed that there was snow on the tops of some of the …


8 July 2013

Monday Geology Picture: A Stripe of Sunlight on Table Mountain, South Africa

A few weeks ago my husband and I were driving to work one morning in Cape Town, South Africa. As always, we had a stunning view of Table Mountain. However, that morning the mountain looked particularly stunning since it was illuminated by a thick strip of sunlight, which was streaming through some clouds on the overcast day.


29 April 2013

Monday Geology Picture: Table Mountain and Lion’s Head

For this week’s geology picture, I thought I’d share a picture that I took during one of my regular evening walks / runs here in Cape Town, South Africa. This picture shows Table Mountain and Lion’s Head, one of our local inselbergs, at sunset. I feel very fortunate to live in a city with such impressive and beautiful geology.