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25 October 2019

Friday fold: Identity of a BIF

The Friday fold is a slab of banded iron formation now dwelling in the University of Washington’s Department of Earth & Space Sciences. But where did it come from? India? Brazil? Perhaps you can help identify its provenance.


19 July 2019

Friday fold: Banded iron formation from the University of Wisconsin geology museum

A final Friday fold from Madison, Wisconsin: this one a slab of cut and polished banded iron formation from Australia: What exquisitely beautiful rock! Happy Friday!


2 February 2017

Banded iron formation in Barberton Mountain Land

Banded iron formation is an “extinct rock” that can be found in ancient marine strata such as those found in the Barberton Greenstone Belt. Visit an outcrop on the Barberton GeoTrail and contemplate the bizarre anoxic world that Earth used to be.


28 October 2016

Friday fold: “the eye of Sauron” at Sibubule

Have a look at this week’s Friday fold – but be aware that it will be looking back!


29 March 2016

Four new GIGAmacro images

Here are a few new images I’ve been working on with my home-based Magnify2 imaging system from GIGAmacro. Archean basement complex gneiss from the Gallatin Range of Montana: [gigapan id=”185543″] Link (If this looks familiar, that’s because one of the samples I imaged with the Photoscan 3D modeling technique and published on Sketchfab the week before last.) Banded iron formation from Minnesota with ooids and stromatolites: [gigapan id=”185076″] Link Intrusion …