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31 March 2016

This week’s batch of 3D models

Anorthosite with lovely garnet reaction rims, a spherical hematite concretion, and some sweet breccia. Check them out and explore! [sketchfab id=”4453575da99743679a083363a0429b63″ start=”0″ spin=”” controls=”0″] [sketchfab id=”4333df612167415a8e216cef25e8cac6″ start=”0″ spin=”” controls=”0″] [sketchfab id=”cb58f446782d4736b699127884b46d16″ start=”0″ spin=”” controls=”0″]


17 March 2016

A GIGAmacro view of the front and back of an anorthosite cobble

Here are two views of a single anorthosite cobble, collected in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York: Raw, natural surface: [gigapan id=”185220″] Link Slabbed and polished surface: [gigapan id=”185217″] Link As you zoom in and explore these GIGAmacro images, see if you can find the delicate little “necklaces” (reaction rims) of garnet wrapping around the few isolated pyroxenes!