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31 August 2022

AGU releases 2021 DEI report and dashboard

Guided by our strategic plan, AGU has an organizational goal to model and promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive scientific culture through all of our programs. On behalf of AGU leadership, we’d like to thank our members for your continued support and engagement in this critically important work.  Over the past year, the AGU community has taken several additional steps towards systemic change in the Earth and space sciences (ESS). …


17 August 2022

AGU updates position statement on resilience to expand beyond natural hazards

In June, the AGU Board and Council approved updates to the position statement: “Building resilience requires partnerships between scientists, policymakers and communities,” which previously only addressed resilience to natural hazards. Resilience is the ability of systems — including people — to anticipate, respond, recover and adapt to disruptions, which can include acute events, such as floods, hurricanes, wildfires or earthquakes, and long-term events, such as pandemics, social unrest, food shortages …


28 July 2022

AGU applauds passage of bipartisan U.S. innovation bill

AGU, the world’s largest Earth and space science association, applauds the bipartisan effort by Congress to pass the CHIPS and Science Act, which represents one of the largest investments in U.S. science and technology in decades. The legislation, which was modified from a larger package of bills, now includes the semiconductor-focused CHIPS Act, along with a package of measures that will authorize science agencies, such as the National Science Foundation …


30 June 2022

AGU opposes U.S. Supreme Court decision to erode emission regulations

As leaders of the world’s largest Earth and space science association, we are gravely concerned by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to negate the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to enforce the Clean Air Act. Today’s decision directly undermines the efforts of scientists in our community as well as the science-supported policy that protects the health of our families, our neighbors, and ourselves. The decision has immediate implications for everyone and …


9 June 2022

AGU and the Seismological Society of America update comprehensive nuclear-test ban treaty position

In April, AGU’s Board approved minor updates to the position statement entitled, “The capability to monitor the comprehensive nuclear-test-ban treaty (CTBT) should be expanded, completed and sustained,” which was first adopted in 1999 in collaboration with the Seismological Society of America (SSA). The international monitoring system has matured considerably since 1999, with more than 326 out of 377 facilities completed. The changes to the statement, which were approved by AGU …


2 June 2022

AGU receives NASA funding to advance open science practices

AGU has made a strong commitment to being a leader in open science to catalyze discovery and solutions to scientific and societal challenges. I am pleased to announce that AGU has been selected to receive funding from NASA to partner on its new Transform to Open Science (TOPS) mission. TOPS is a key component of NASA’s larger Open-Source Science Initiative, delivering on the “commitment to open sharing of software, data, …


1 March 2022

AGU LANDInG launches virtual Community of Practice

We are excited to announce the launch of the AGU LANDInG Community of Practice (CoP), a free, open-access, virtual platform offering resources and tools for learning, networking, and building momentum that fosters diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and belonging across the geosciences. We encourage you to register for the AGU LANDInG CoP for free today at The AGU LANDInG CoP initiative addresses an urgent need for a centralized community dedicated …


22 December 2021

AGU approved updates to two position statements

Last week, the AGU Board and Council approved updates to two position statements, which address funding for science and the responsibilities and rights of scientists. AGU position statements—created, revised and approved by members—are what enable AGU to take adaptive stances on significant policy issues, ranging from climate change to national security. Each position statement acknowledges the challenges involved and makes specific recommendations toward achieving an articulated vision. These statements are …


2021: Your Support of AGU in Action

In spite of the global pandemic, AGU donors and members continued to support the professional development of aspiring Earth and space scientists. Your dedication has made the advancement of programs and projects possible.


23 November 2021

AGU updates position statements on science education

The AGU Council and Board approved updates to two AGU position statements about the importance of Earth and space science (ESS) education. These updated statements address the critical role of ESS in tackling the challenges facing society, the need to ensure universal, equitable access to ESS education and the meaningful engagement of individuals impacted by ESS issues. The statements also recognize the importance of countering politicization and other barriers to …


21 October 2021

AGU LANDInG awarded NSF grant to provide professional development to Postdoctoral Fellows

We are excited to announce the launch of AGU LANDInG-PRFP (Leadership Academy and Network for Diversity and Inclusion in the Geosciences-Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program), an initiative to provide professional development in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and related scientific skills to postdoctoral scholars. This new program is funded through the National Science Foundation (NSF)’s Directorate for Geosciences. AGU LANDInG-PRFP will leverage the resources and reach of the currently funded AGU …


5 October 2021

Nobel Prize awarded to AGU scientists for their work on climate change

AGU Member, AGU Fellow and winner of the AGU Bowie and Revelle medals, Syukuro Manabe, shared one half of the prize with Klaus Hasselmann, also an AGU Fellow and a winner of the AGU Macelwane Medal, “for the physical modelling of Earth’s climate, quantifying variability and reliably predicting global warming.”


AGU LANDInG welcomes first cohort of Academy Fellows

We are excited to announce the selection of the first cohort of Academy Fellows for AGU LANDInG Academy, a two-year professional development program for current and aspiring diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) leaders in the Earth and space sciences. Earth and space science remains one of the least diverse fields in STEM. Until diversity is a fundamental feature of scientific excellence, the lack of an equitable, inclusive geoscience community will …


1 October 2021

AGU position statement on resilience open for member comment

Starting today, AGU members have until 31 October to comment on revisions to a position statement outlining the role of scientists, policymakers and communities in building resilience to disruptions. AGU encourages all members to read and comment on the position statement because the expert writing panel relies on this feedback. Resilience is the ability of systems — including people — to anticipate, respond, recover and adapt to disruptions, which can …


8 September 2021

AGU’s Ethics and Equity Center wins ASAE Power of A award

AGU is excited to receive the 2021 Power of A award, having previously won two Power of A awards in 2020 for its Centennial programs and in 2019 for the Thriving Earth Exchange.


31 August 2021

AGU update post-Hurricane Ida

We also know some of you may be wondering what happens now with AGU Fall Meeting 2021 that will be in New Orleans, LA from 13-17 December. We are in close contact with state and local officials as they continue to assess the situation. We ask you to please be patient with us while we work with them to make sure we can have a safe meeting for all.


12 August 2021

Society partners to launch a portal for community science

Five leading societies are pleased to join forces to form a portal for fostering community science.


24 June 2021

Special podcast episodes explore allyship and DEI at AGU

Today, I am excited to announce the release of two more special podcast episodes exploring allyship and diversity, equity and inclusion featuring conversations with Billy Williams, AGU executive vice president of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Lisa White, director of education and outreach at the Museum of Paleontology at the University of California, Berkeley, chair of AGU’s diversity and inclusion advisory committee and an Eos science advisor.


2 June 2021

AGU position statement on science funding now open for member comment

AGU members have until 30 June to comment on revisions to the organization’s position statement on the crucial role of government funding in science. Investment in Earth and space sciences is critical to achieving AGU’s new strategic plan, which envisions a thriving, sustainable and equitable future supported by scientific discovery, innovation and action. Robust funding of both Earth and space science, which are fundamentally interrelated, helps improve our understanding of …


4 May 2021

Billy Williams promoted to EVP of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Billy Williams has been promoted to Executive Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.