1 April 2021

Share your comments on AGU position statements on education

Posted by Randy W. Fiser

AGU’s new strategic plan sets the vision for the future of Earth and space sciences, and recognizes the need to inspire, educate and empower the next generation of scientists.  

Part of achieving this vision is recognizing the need for Earth and space science to be taught throughout the educational experience, and for students to be exposed to high-quality, scientifically accurate information on evolution and climate change.

AGU’s position statements on education and academia were recently updated by a task force of experts to reflect the community’s stance on these key issues, as part of the recurring four-year process. These position statements inform AGU’s stance on timely policy issues, and are referenced by the media, policymakers, and other Earth and space science organizations.

AGU is now seeking your comments on these two updated statements. The task force relies on comments by members to finalize the draft statements, which are then approved by AGU’s Board and Council. This is your opportunity to help shape AGU’s stance on these important issues.

One statement articulates “The Importance of Exploring Earth and Space Sciences (ESS) Throughout the Educational Experience.” The statement lays out AGU’s support for a global effort to increase ESS literacy through the accelerated inclusion of accurate, comprehensive, and rigorous ESS into all parts of formal and informal education. 

The second statement conveys that “Teaching Evolution and Climate Change is Essential to Understanding our Past and Shaping our Future.” It communicates AGU’s support of high quality, scientifically accurate, inclusive teaching of climate change and evolution as central elements of education for all. 

Please ensure your voice is heard on these important issues by reviewing the updated position statements and providing comments by 30 April.