11 August 2016

Exxon, AGU, and Corporate Support

Posted by Chris McEntee

Throughout this year, AGU has been communicating with groups of scientists, both members and non-members, that have called on us to sever any sponsorship relations with ExxonMobil.

As this conversation continues, ClimateTruth.org will be promoting a letter and subsequent public petition furthering this effort in advance of AGU’s September Board meeting. You can view the petition here.

This issue will be reviewed and addressed at the September Board meeting, and all the new information that has been shared with us will be provided to them in advance. A short post detailing AGU’s decision-making process which guided that decision can be found here. We encourage you to read it, and we welcome your questions and input via comments on this blog post or by direct email to [email protected]

AGU has always welcomed dialogue and the open exchange of ideas and information. We are proud to have engaged members and look forward to continuing the discussion about important issues such as this one.