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30 August 2015

Sitka landslide in Alaska – the potential power of simple geomorphic mapping

A landslide a couple of weeks ago at Sitka in Alaska killed 3 men. Google Earth imagery of the site suggests that it may have an active geomorpic history


22 August 2015

Mount Rainier debris flows, 13th August 2015

On 13th August a series of debris flows occurred on the flanks of Mount Rainier in Washington State, USA. These glacier collapse events were captured on video, photographs & seismic instruments


27 May 2015

Wind River Canyon in Wyoming: US20 closed by rockslides and debris flows

On Sunday exceptional rainfall triggered a series of landslides in Wind River Canyon in Wyoming, blocking both US20 and the BNSF railway line


14 April 2015

Yeager Airport landslide: on the move again

Over the weekend the Yeager Airport landslide went through another significant movement event, driven by detachment of a block from the rear scarp and subsequent deformation of the debris pile


23 March 2015

Yeager Airport slope failure: deformation for two years prior to collapse

It is now clear that the Yeager Airport slope failure was preceded by two years of deformation, with some signs of an increase in rate with time


18 March 2015

Yeager airport fill slope failure: the landslide history

Historical accounts and recollections by local residents suggest that the site of the Yeager Airport fill slope failure may have a history of landslides


13 March 2015

Yeager airport – a massive, damaging fill slope landslide

Over the last two days a massive and very spectacular landslide has developed in a reinforced slope at the end of the runway at Yeager Airport in Charleston, West Virginia


11 March 2015

Oso landslide: a new video five minutes after failure

A new video has emerged showing the aftermath of the Oso landslide a year ago. Shot by a passerby, it shows the site five minutes after the failure


16 December 2014

Oso: The SR 530 Landslide Commission report

The Commission set up to investigate the Oso / SR 530 landslide released its report yesterday. The recommendations include a proper hazard mapping program, the formation of a geological hazards institute and forensic investigations of this and other large landslide events in the state


17 November 2014

Markagunt: A truly gigantic gravity landslide (2000 cubic kilometres!)

A new paper in Geology describes for the first time the Markagunt gravity slide – a c.2000 square kilometre landslide deposit in Utah, USA that occurred about 22 million years ago.


23 September 2014

Joshua Tree mudslide, California – a very lucky escape for a baby

A baby had a very lucky escape when a mudslide struck the town of Joshua Tree in California last week, washing him away


12 August 2014

The Eaglepointe Landslide in Salt Lake City, Utah

A landslide in the Eaglepointe subdivision in north Salt Lake City, Utah has destroyed one house and threatens several more.


29 July 2014

Oso landslide: differences of opinion about the landslide mechanisms

Two different interpretations have now been proposed for the mechanisms of the Oso landslide, one by the GEER team and one by the USGS


23 July 2014

Oso landslide: the last set of remains been recovered and a new report has been released

Two key events happened yesterday in relation to the Oso landslide in Washington State – the remains of the last victim were recovered and a new report analysing the landslide was released.


7 July 2014

Oso landslide: continued small-scale activity

A new video has been released of small toppling failures on the rear scarp of the Oso landslide in Washington State


10 June 2014

Ferebee Glacier: another rock avalanche in Alaska

Pilot Drake Olson has identified another rock avalanche in Alaska, this time on the upper reaches of the Ferebee Glacier


28 May 2014

Grand Mesa: an unusually large and mobile mudslide

The Grand Mesa mudslide in Mesa County, Colorado at the weekend was an unusually mobile rotational landslide / mudflow event that killed three people


2 May 2014

Baltimore retaining wall collapse – the remarkable video

The collapse of a retaining wall in heavy rainfall in Baltimore was captured on video, which shows the progressive development of the failure


24 April 2014

Landslide losses – raising the profile in the USA

Landslide losses in the USA have come into focus in light of the slides at Oso and Jackson Hole. At present, investment in national scale landslide programmes in the US is extraordinarily low.


2 April 2014

The Oso (Steelhead) landslide in Washington State – could it have been foreseen?

There has been some speculation as to whether the Oso (Steelhead) landslide in Washington could, and should, have been foreseen. The answer is yes!