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2 April 2014

The Oso (Steelhead) landslide in Washington State – could it have been foreseen?

There has been some speculation as to whether the Oso (Steelhead) landslide in Washington could, and should, have been foreseen. The answer is yes!


28 March 2014

The Oso (Steelhead) landslide: mechanisms of movement and the challenges of recovering the victims

Seismic data indicates that the Oso (Steelhead) landslide was a two phase movement event. Sadly attention is now focused on the recovery of the remains of the victims rather than on a rescue operation


24 March 2014

Oso landslip: useful resources and the rising human cost

As the toll from the Oso landslip rises, this post provides some useful resources from a variety of blogs


23 March 2014

Oso landslide in Washington State: three people killed and the river is blocked

A large landslide near Oso in Washington State, USA, yesterday has killed 3 people and left at least 5 seriously injured.


13 March 2014

The Mount La Perouse landslide: new images

Marten Geertsema has kindly made a set of images of the Mount La Perouse landslide available. These were collected during a field visit last week.


25 February 2014

Mount La Perouse rock avalanche: more images

Satellite images and additional photographs are now available of the Mount La Perouse rock avalanche. This is a big landslide – runout distance is >7 km


21 February 2014

Emergency assessment of wildfire debris flow potential

The USGS has a new web-based tool for disseminating information about debris flow potential for areas affected by wildfires


20 February 2014

Breaking news: a very large landslide in Alaska on Sunday

Using seismic data, Colin Stark and colleagues have detected a new, very large landslide in Alaska on Sunday. At about 68 million tonnes, this may have been the largest natural landslide since 2010


29 January 2014

The Keystone Canyon avalanche in Alaska, and its large ice-dammed lake

The Keystone Canyon avalanche, a very large snow and ice avalanche on the Richardson Highway in Alaska has blocked the road and impounded a lake


6 January 2014

New paper review – seismic data generated by the Bingham Canyon landslide

A new paper examines the geophysical data generated by the Bingham Canyon landslide, showing the rock avalanches induced tectonic aftershocks.


16 December 2013

The Rockville rockfall cliff has a history of dangerous collapses

More information is now available about the fatal Rockville rockfall on Thursday. A Utah Geological Survey report in 2010 identified the high level of hazard associated with this cliff, and recommended that a more detailed hazard assessment was needed.


13 December 2013

The Utah rockfall tragedy – the importance of interpreting clues in the landscape

The fatal Utah rockfall yesterday highlights the importance of using geomorphic evidence to highlight dangerous locations below steep slopes


13 November 2013

New landslide video: the luckiest dog in the world!

Back in August a video captured a mudslide striking a kennel in Kentucky. So how did the dog survive?


23 October 2013

Review of a paper: landslide scenarios for a large Seattle earthquake

A new paper models landslide occurrence for a large Seattle earthquake in western USA. The results suggest that the effects of landslides would be extremely serious


21 October 2013

Pure geovandalism “justified” as rockfall prevention in Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

Three men who destroyed a natural rock formation in Goblin Valley State Park, Utah justified their act of vandalism as rockfall protection. It was not.


2 October 2013

A selfless act of bravery – a father saves his daughter by shielding her with his body

In a selfless act of bravery, a father saved the life of 13-year-old Gracie Johnson by shielding her from rockslide debris in Colorado


1 October 2013

Five people killed in rockslide on Mount Princeton in Chaffee County, Colorado

A rockslide on Monday on the flanks of Mount Princeton in Chaffee County, Colorado killed five people and left a teenage girls with a broken leg


26 September 2013

The costs to the mining industry of landslides – examples from Brazil and the USA

Two recent examples, from Brazil and Utah, demonstrate the potentially enormous financial impacts of landslides on the mining industry


13 September 2013

A video of riverbank collapses in Utah

On September 11th, an interesting video of a series of flood-induced riverbank collapses in Wahweap Creek in Southern Utah was captured by David Rankin


9 September 2013

A large mudflow at Stehekin in Washington State, USA

The North Cascades National Park Service has released some dramatic photographs of a debris flow that struck Stehekin in Washington State on Thursday